Mother’s Day: A DISC Based Guide to Finding the Perfect Gift

Mother’s Day is coming up. Are you still struggling to find that perfect gift? Take a look at our DISC-based guide to figure out what your mom’s personality style is and use it to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

People of PeopleKeys: Shanna Bennell

Personality Style at Home/Socially: Socially, I am an I. I adore meeting new people and insist on including everyone in  a conversation when I am at a party.  At home, I am sort of an IC. I am still social and love entertaining, but I have to have everything in the house clean

People of PeopleKeys: Jessica Skillman

Personality Style at Home/Socially: SC

People of PeopleKeys: Holly Jordan

Personality Style at Home/Socially: I --- I am always told that I am cartoon-ish because of having animated  facial expressions and gestures.  I cannot stand when I think someone is upset with me or doesn't like me, it drives me crazy and I can't focus on anything else.

People of PeopleKeys: Colleen Sturgeon

Personality Style at Home/Socially: Free Spirit

Which Holiday Song Best Reflects Your Personality Style?

Christmas is almost here! You can feel the excitement in the air. While you’re finishing the last-minute holiday preparations, why not listen to a little music to get in the spirit? We’ve collected a list of the holiday songs that reflect each of the DISC personality styles.

Personality on Display: How to Pinpoint a Coworker’s Personality Style from Looking at Their Desk

When you know a coworker’s personality type, it becomes much easier to interact with them. Being able to tell the difference between a D, I, S, or C personality type can help you navigate all kinds of tricky office dynamics. Working together on a project, meeting collaborative

"Dear Sandwich Thief" -- How to Deal with a Sandwich Thief and Other Office Dilemmas

We’ve all been there. You put your food in the communal office fridge, but when you go back to retrieve it at lunchtime it’s missing. Gone Girl-ed. Vanished. You paw through the contents of the fridge, certain that someone must have just moved it. But, no such luck. After a

DISC-fy Your Life

When you look at people who achieve greatness and are an inspiration to others, be they chefs, musicians, scientists, athletes, fashion designers, architects, or businessmen, they all share a common denominator. Passion. Followed by commitment and perseverance. It may sound

Pumpkins by Personality

One of our favorite traditions at Halloween is carving the jack-o-lanterns. As you go door-to-door this Halloween, can you guess a person’s DISC personality style from the Halloween pumpkins on their porch?

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