DISC Style Guide for Effective Team Building

Understanding the DISC personality strengths of both yourself and your team members is a crucial element in fostering effective team dynamics. By delving into what drives and motivates each team member, as well as discerning optimal collaboration methods, a team leader gains invaluable insights for building and nurturing a highly productive team.

1. Determine Roles Within the Team

Ensure that each team member operates at their peak level of contribution by aligning tasks with their personality style and strengths. For instance:

Avoid tying promotions solely to traditional managerial roles, as it may lead certain personality styles to move away from their areas of productivity for the sake of advancement.

2. Delegate Strategically

As a manager, effective delegation involves holding onto tasks that align with your strengths while delegating those that hinder your ability to excel. Consider:

  • For D personalities, focus on ideas and leadership while delegating execution to high C for accuracy.
  • High I personalities can excel in initiating client relationships, delegating long-term relationship building to high S.
  • High S personalities may thrive in serving and collaborating, delegating confrontational attributes or timeline establishment to high D.
  • C personalities can manage statistics and accuracy, delegating face-to-face interactions to high I.

3. Promote Team Connection

While team members may excel in their individual tasks, building a strong team connection is essential for overall momentum and cohesiveness. Tailor approaches based on personality styles:

  • Facilitate personal sharing time for high I personalities.
  • Allow high S personalities time to prepare for collaborative opportunities.
  • Engage high D personalities with brainstorming meetings or goal-setting sessions.
  • Provide opportunities for high C personalities to present numbers to the team.

Understanding the personality makeup of your team allows for strategic hiring to complement existing strengths. Balancing personalities leads to a more productive and content team, fostering loyalty and long-term commitment among team members.

Build Better Teams with DISC

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