DISC Myths Debunked: D=I

DISC theory has been widely used for decades and PeopleKeys, a leading provider of customized behavioral solutions, often receives inquiries from our thousands of certified behavioral consultants and partners about interesting observations within the DISC reports or DISC graphs and results. While PeopleKeys’ DISC is a validated tool and provides a robust measure of personality style, there are certain moments where people may think they notice some discrepancies/anomalies or lack an explanation of them. As a world expert in DISC, Dr. Brad Smith, Managing Director at PeopleKeys, Inc. answers these inquiries and we’re sharing some of them with you so you can expand your DISC knowledge and answer your coaching or consulting partners and clients with confidence.

Why have I never encountered the “D = I” or “Influencer” style blend in an online report?

graph3a1PeopleKeys’ online reports are factored to a much more accurate precision so it would be extremely rare for an individual to plot exactly the same for the “D” and “I” styles. We kept the “D = I” style in the online reports only to be consistent with our workbooks, although you will rarely, if at all, find this style to appear in an online report. The fact is, our technology has enabled the online reports to be more precise in the scoring and in the style blend descriptions than the predecessor printed workbooks.

Do you have a question or have you noticed something unusual in your reports? Leave us a comment below and we’ll answer!

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