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DISC Factor didn’t start in a garage like other large companies, but in a small attic room of a residential home -- with only enough room for a table, an office chair, a closet and a dream to help people enhance their relationships and communication using the DISC assessment.

sandor-lemstra-disc-factorFounder, Sandor Lemstra, discovered the practical materials of IML/PeopleKeys in 2003 and asked Dr. Sandy Kulkin, founder and owner of IML/PeopleKeys, if he could translate the DISC assessment into Dutch to bring it to the Dutch market. Once he received permission, together with qualified translators, Sandor started to pursue his dream of helping others discover their human potential. Dr. Kulkin asked Sandor to become a partner of PeopleKeys in March 2005 and a great relationship started to grow with the PeopleKeys team, and by September 2005, the small company “Inspirational Learning Events” was established. Later, the name “DISC Factor” was introduced and is still used today. DISC Factor is known for being the best training center in understanding DISC and its practical applications in the Netherlands, Belgium, and its name is continuing to grow within Western Europe.

Sandor’s passion for DISC made him eager to learn how he could explain DISC the best way to people, in particular how to interpret the graphs. Over the course of many years, using DISC with tens of thousands of people, Sandor and the DISC Factor team continue to develop ways to explain and share the DISC model and its graphs in an easy and simple to understand format. To make the applications of the gained insights even more practical for daily use, Sandor developed easy to use training aids for quick insights into the DISC personality styles, including tools such as small cards and games, memory boards, banners and the infamous “DISC team dynamics wheel” for a well sought-after visual for displaying the natural strengths and blind spots of teams.

The newest training tools developed by DISC Factor include TEAMS and Values, along with DISC, for a full three-dimensional approach to easily understand personality, thinking styles and personal values. The combination of the three instruments are warmheartedly welcomed in human resources management, and with trainers and the coaching community. “Every business is built on relationships and trust,” a worldwide retail organization client said, “and these instruments help to build that. They are the most practical I have ever used and seen on the market.” Another client who works with many international employees only wants to use the three-dimensional approach, saying “These three instruments reveal personality traits and make behavior incredible predictable without pigeonholing people. It has helped us many times to diffuse complex conflicts within minutes.”

in15minuten-sandor-LemstraDISC Factor plans to also introduce the Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI), developed by Dr. Bradley Smith of PeopleKeys, in the near future. Combined with the 3D: DISC, TEAMS and Values, the addition of the BAI report will provide yet another dimension of personality with over 1,440 behavioral points of comparison for a 4-dimensional view of human potential.

“We are grateful for all the support PK gives us as a partner for so many years. It is a true privilege to work together. They are the back bone and engine of our success! DISC Factor has a great team with Sandor and his wife in the lead of 6 employees and 3 freelancers. Thanks to the team of PeopleKeys and their great instruments we already could help over 100.000 people to get to know themselves better and help a lot of teams to perform better and get more results. A dream came true! Together we build a world where people feel connected, satisfied and get great results!”

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