If The World was Ruled by Just One DISC Style, Part 4: S Personality Style

If The World was Ruled by One DISC Style, Part 4: S Personality Style

Everybody has a little bit of each DISC personality style within them. And every individual has certain traits that are dominant within them, while other traits rarely present themselves.

There is a pretty high likelihood that at least one adjective in each category pertains to you. And that’s natural.

Human beings are complex, and our planet is made up of billions of people. All of these people have varying degrees of each personality type within themselves.

This works out great because we need a lot of different people with a lot of different strengths for our society to function properly. Each style’s benefits complement the deficiencies of another style.

What would happen if everyone was exactly the same?

If Everyone in the World had a High S Style Personality:

The Good News:

The world would be like Mayberry in “The Andy Griffith Show.” Idyllic, close knit communities would be the norm. People would be concerned about other’s feelings and would do anything that they could to maintain a sense of community and stability within the family. The crime rate would drop to zero, because no one would want to do anything to harm anyone else. Systems would be created to keep everyone safe and secure, and these systems would go unquestioned. LIfe would be like a sitcom, where things would happen, but only the types of changes that can be resolved quickly without any lasting effects. No one would change, everyone would stay as they are- pleasant, amiable and team-oriented. Questions of morality would be simply black or white - if it helps other people, it is right, if it doesn’t, it is wrong.

Workplaces would all be very team oriented. Consensus and voting would be the expected means of decisionmaking. People would be very reliable, and would accomplish what they started by doing one task at a time.

When driving, everyone would always let other people merge. “You go first” and “Oh no, after you, I insist!” would be commonly uttered phrases. Courtesy would be expected in every scenario, and all favors would be reciprocated. People would put coins in each other’s meters, and be quick to apologize if an accident should happen to occur.

Communication would be polite above all else. No one would yell at each other, and violent responses to perceived slights would be abhorable. People wouldn’t dwell on unpleasant subjects or degrade one another openly. Everyone would be extremely pleasant and kind.

Progress wouldn’t be desirable, because everyone would be living in an idyllic world. Change leaves room for uncertainty and uncertainty brings fear. No one would want to be fearful in this society, so they would arrange it so that uncertainty was minimized. Families would stay together, children would obey their parents, and dogs would never go to the bathroom inside the house.

Romantic relationships would be predicated on the assumption that all interactions would build toward a lifelong commitment, and in an all S society, they always would be. No one would have to worry about abandonment or uncertainty. Everyone would make an excellent parent, and would consider raising their children to be good people a top priority. And in an all S society, they wouldn’t have many problems getting their kids to obey, as the children would all want to maintain harmony naturally.

It would all be very, very pleasant.

The Not So Good News:

If everyone in the world had a High S style personality and lacked behavioral awareness, it would be too pleasant. Mayberry is a great place to visit, but it is a fantasy. This idyllic lifestyle makes it incredibly difficult to deal with the messy nature of being a human being. Death wouldn’t be discussed, bodily functions would be mysteries, and people who struggled would be encouraged to keep it to themselves in order to maintain the sense of stability and security that this society would require.

People would struggle with expressing themselves. They would be too self compromising, too uninvolved, too secretly judgemental. They would struggle with discussing things that make them uncomfortable. They wouldn’t speak up when they weren’t getting their needs met, and this would lead to a lot of passive aggression.

Progress would come to a halt. If everyone was an S style personality, they would all fear change and prefer security over progress. Scientific, technological, medical, social and political advancements and changes would be few and far between.

Everyone would be really kind to one another, sure, but much like the 1998 movie, it would be a place where people wouldn’t feel free to openly experience the depths of the human experience.

Watch this short video to learn more about the S Personality Style:

Watch Video on S Personality Style

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