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Learn How to Manage and Motivate Millennials

Everyone is different. We all know this. But as research on behavior and personality teaches us, we are predictably different. This is true not only for individuals, but of generations. Individuals within a generation will be different from one another. But there are some

3 Keys to Excellent Leadership

What Makes an Excellent Leader?

5 Shocking Facts about Wonder Woman and Her Creator

  The Wonder Woman Movie comes out tomorrow. We take a look at her strange origins.

What should you write in your Mother's Day card based on her personality style?

You’ve finally found the perfect Mother’s Day gift, but you still need to get her a card. The card companies may have done a great job on the outside of the card, but what are you going to write on the inside? You can’t just say “Happy Mother’s Day” to the woman who brought

What Type of Tree are You?

What Type of Tree Matches Your Personality Style? Because both Earth Day and Arbor Day fell within the month of April, we thought it'd be fun to explore which type of tree each personality style wood be (get it?).

4 Personality Based Ways to Reduce Stress

How to De-Stress After Doing Your Taxes Tax season is upon us. And as we all rush to file those last minute returns, it can get pretty stressful. As they say, there’s nothing certain in life but death and taxes. Why not try to make one of them a little easier?

What Type of Pie Are You?

In honor of National Pi Day, we explored the “personalities” of different types of pie. If each DISC personality style were a type of pie, which one would it be?

What I learned by Running a DISC Analysis of Our Entire Department

As I read through my DISC profile for the first time, I found myself nodding a lot, and smiling to myself. “Yep, that sounds like me,” was the thought that rang through my head.

Which DISC Personality Style Does Each Avenger Have?

With the next iteration of “The Avengers” series beginning production in January of 2017, the popularity of these characters doesn’t seem to be declining anytime soon.

How do DISC styles vary by country?

Those of us who are familiar with DISC theory have often pondered the answer to this question- what does DISC look like in other countries? Do groups of people in China or Poland have the same ratios of each of the DISC styles as they do in the United States? Do most of the

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