When DISC alone is not enough

Why is DISC alone not enough?

It's the same reason if you were going on a first date with someone and all you had was a picture of them. Yes, it can tell you a lot, but if you were to make a decision on whether you wanted to date that person soley on a snaphot of them, wouldn't you be considered a little shallow?

If you really wanted to get to know that person or have a relationship with them, wouldn't you want to know more about them...their passions, their history, what they liked or disliked, even their habits or tendencies...there is just so much more to a person than the part that can easily be observed!

DISC is much the same as that photo, but provides the behavioral snapshot to developing relationships and teams that can accomplish great goals together within just about any setting people are interacting or working together. Same is true in building a stronger family unit, or even a more comprehensive learning environment for a student.

DISC will help you build the best sales team you could possibly have, and you can start retaining good people because you understand more and will know how to show an interest in each and every person, as well as their unique qualities they bring to the table.That's why we recommend the 4D Report for a four-dimensional view of those you are working with, hiring, training, or just interacting with on a regular basis.

Why settle for a snapshot when you can get the complete full-dimensional view with depth?!

We bring that 2-dimensional picture into living color in 4-dimensions. No other DISC provider does this. Don't settle for a DISC supplier that brings you 40 or 50 different snapshots of only the easy-to-see part of a person. Instead, settle on a view that gives you 1,440 unique points of reference for everyone you plan to know!

If you havent experienced your own view, start today and self assess with the PeopleKeys 4D Report here.

Watch this PeopleKeys' case study on how the 4D Report helped reveal the key to improving a sales team's effectiveness:

Watch Case Study Video

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