3 Ways to Invest in Your Team

The current economic climate and recovery of the labor market from the COVID-19 global pandemic are challenging workforces worldwide. Limited human resources in several markets are making it critical for organization leaders to recognize and retain top talent. High turnover rates and limited candidate pools are constraining companies to shift workplace strategies to do more with less and hire from within. Employees are the heart of the company, and now is the time for business leaders to invest in their teams to come out winning.

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Here are three ways you can invest in your people today:

Support and Motivate Your Team

It is important to know how to motivate your workforce. By using a behavioral tool or personality assessment, such as the PeopleKeys® 4D Report, you will get to know your employees better and gain deeper insight into your team’s strengths and passions. To motivate your team, it is important to find out what excites them. Some people are more motivated by the greater good while others might be looking for new knowledge and experience. Whatever it might be, knowing key points about your people can help you deepen trust, improve communication, and motivate your team more effectively. If you’re not familiar with the 4D Report, it assesses 1,440 points of behavior and contains four sections: DISC, team roles, core values, and behavioral attitudes. Request a 4D Report sample here.

Train Your Team

Implementing DISC training with your team is a great way to understand why people act the way they do. A self-awareness of not only yourself but of others on the team and how you interact will allow for better communication, cooperation, and collaboration among all members. Team training in DISC can help your group understand its behavioral language and communicate more effectively with each other. Communication is critical to building solid relationships and a strong team. DISC training and applying the DISC model in your business can also help prevent workplace conflict and encourage more constructive teamwork by enabling team members to have a common language of behavior, recognize differences in each other, and develop understanding and empathy toward each other.

Optimize Your Team

Get more done with fewer people by optimizing your team. Use the results of your team’s DISC profiles and 4D Reports to place team members in a way that utilizes each other’s strengths. For example, if one team member isn't detail-oriented, pair that person with someone whose strength is attention to detail. It is also imperative to provide constructive feedback, but more importantly, listen to employee feedback. Actively listening to employee needs and ideas can help augment positive culture and growth in your organization.

Taking these steps will allow you to capitalize on the assets of your team while maintaining a happy and motivated workforce. Doing less with more can seem intimidating, but Aristotle once said, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” Make it a habit to continuously invest in your people and the future of your company.

PeopleKeys understands the detriment that turnover can cause a business, especially during volatile economic times. Contact us to inquire about in-person or virtual DISC training solutions for your business today!


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