Sales Horror Stories and How to Prevent Them

The Problem If you’ve ever met a salesperson whose personality didn’t fit with yours, you know how annoying the wrong approach to sales can be. Whether this person was looking to close the deal too soon, couldn’t answer your questions, or simply kept following you around when

What Type of Pie Are You?

In honor of National Pi Day, we explored the “personalities” of different types of pie. If each DISC personality style were a type of pie, which one would it be?

Before You Can Achieve, You Must Perceive - A Lesson in Perceptual Learning

Pardon the bad rhyme, but it’s true. Education is the precursor to achievement; a cornerstone of success. A successful educational experience is one in which the learner accurately perceives the instructor’s information.

Resolving Conflict At Work Using DISC- The Quick Version

Differences in opinion, miscommunication, resentment, misunderstanding, differing goals, different priorities, lack of transparency, hunger, sleepiness, you name it- the list of factors that can cause conflict between two people are nearly endless.  

What I learned by Running a DISC Analysis of Our Entire Department

As I read through my DISC profile for the first time, I found myself nodding a lot, and smiling to myself. “Yep, that sounds like me,” was the thought that rang through my head.

Navigating Gender Stereotypes in Leadership, Part One: Women in Leadership

We live in an increasingly complex world. Globalization, technology, economic shifts and changing markets have created a need for an adaptive workforce. Maintaining a clear vision for the future is essential, because in this quickly shifting environment if we do not see what

Managers Dealing with Difficult Salespeople - Part 1

You've probably had to contend with difficult personalities, as a sales manager, from time to time. Attempting to motivate, encourage, organize, and enforce systems while juggling the needs and demands of the personalities on your staff can feel like an intricate chess game.

Which DISC Personality Style Does Each Avenger Have?

With the next iteration of “The Avengers” series beginning production in January of 2017, the popularity of these characters doesn’t seem to be declining anytime soon.

How do DISC styles vary by country?

Those of us who are familiar with DISC theory have often pondered the answer to this question- what does DISC look like in other countries? Do groups of people in China or Poland have the same ratios of each of the DISC styles as they do in the United States? Do most of the

If Every Primary DISC Style Went to Your High School

Personality is a complex construct. Subtle nuances, differences in environments and upbringing, and changes in circumstances can all affect how a person’s personality manifests itself. Numerous factors impact personality and, because of this, most people’s personalities are a

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