Management Styles in the workplace. What Style are you?

By Coleen Kulkin on August 02, 2017

What are Management Styles?

There are different management styles just as there are different DISC styles. There are those who say there are three true styles of management: participative, autocratic, and laissez faire. The participative is hands on, the autocrat - a “dictator” of what needs done, and the laissez faire manager is very relaxed and lets things happen as they will. Do these styles remind you of your own style? Does it remind you of or resemble your boss?

In exploring these styles further, I would argue there are at least 7 in my book of management styles. Again, I ask you, what style are you most like and what style do you work for?

What are the Different Management Styles?

The Delegator – This style likes to make strategic decisions and then hand their decisions off for others to implement and refine. They are not afraid to assign projects to their team but usually expect high-quality work. Where do you think this style might manage best?  (Hint: Often, in crisis situations they get things done and can immediately take action – if they have a good team around them.)

The Encourager – This cheerleader type is constantly trying to motivate their team. Where do you think this style might manage best?  (Hint: It’s any place where there is also some substance and hands-on involvement. Don’t just encourage me, help me!)

The Instructor – They like to “teach” and instruct so others might know more or be capable of performing more tasks competently. Where do you think this style might manage best?  (Hint: In situations where there is a large learning curve, and where it is important to bring all the team members to an equal level of competence).

The Rewarder – They like to promote contests, team goals, etc. and often tie some type of compensation or “gift” (like a day off or a trip) to their winners. Where do you think this style might manage best?  (Hint: It’s often times when the positions are competitive within their own nature - like sales).

The Compliant – Great at making sure corporate policies and procedures are always being adhered to or met. Where do you think this style might manage best?  (Hint: A highly regulated industry - the military!)

The Theoretical – This style is very creative and is constantly trying out new ideas and theories for success. Where do you think this style might manage best?  (Hint: Think marketing , ad agencies, public relations firms)

The Operational – Efficiency is their motto and their team operates as a well-oiled machine. Where do you think this style might manage best?  (Hint: Think manufacturing, engineering, or other fields which require a high degree of business strategy with the ability to logically and efficiently implement the ideas).

Which is best? It is being able to adapt and use the strengths of each style. Think about the best boss you ever had. What style do you think they were? Why did you enjoy their style? Do you think you have a similar management style? (Hint – Styles usually attract one another, so chances are your favorite boss met those needs and you were similar in style.

Also, everyone is some combination of the styles, like Encourager/Rewarder, Delegator/Operational, Instructional/Compliant, etc.

Discovering My Management Style?

Management Styles - 4D DISC ReportPeopleKeys always recommends to understand yourself first and then try to understand others. DISC can measure 41 different styles and the 4D (the 4 Dimensional Report) can help you understand 1,440 points of success. This is how many combinations of positive attributes we take measurement of and combine into your condensed reports.

Management styles?  Yes, they are important! 

Figure your style out now, and you can adapt to any team!

About the Author: Coleen Kulkin

Coleen is the Director of Product Development at PeopleKeys, helping bring new DISC products and updated reports to-market through research, development, validation studies and testing. Personality Style: S

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