How to Select Your Coaching Niche

When deciding whether to become a Certified Behavioral Coach (CBC), you may ask yourself the question, “Who will I coach?” The answer is not always straightforward and requires a bit of self-awareness and reflecting upon education, skills, and experiences. The question then becomes "Who do you WANT to coach?" Subsequently, this then drives the question of what will you specialize in? If you struggle to answer any of these, the following may assist you in your decision-making process.

DISC is a universal tool that can be administered and applied to any environment. Coaches may focus on individual coaching (one-on-one), team or group coaching, or serve as consultants to senior executives, human resources, and talent management professionals. Some focus their coaching on helping others transform specific areas in their personal lives as a life coach or through ministry; others may apply skills and training to serve organizations throughout the private and public sectors. It’s a personal choice made by each coach based on their preferences and goals.

Narrow It Down

Before becoming a Certified Behavioral Consultant or coach, it may be helpful to complete the following assessments to help illuminate strengths and areas of passion and interest:

The DISC Personality Style report will unlock your unique behavioral and communication style blend and highlight common needs, fears, and hidden barriers to personal and professional success. Knowing your DISC style equips and empowers you to operate within your strength area as a coach.

The Values Style report illuminates core beliefs that, when paired with the DISC report, informs individuals on hidden motivators such as loyalty, equivalence, personal freedom, and justice. Knowing which area powers your performance can help determine what type of environment or organization you wish to serve as a coach. For example, high personal freedom may fit you better as an independent coach, while high equivalence paired with the I-style naturally wires your success as a motivational speaker.

The Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI) report measures passions, which also underpin motivation within a particular environment. These can often subconsciously drive thoughts, actions, and behaviors you may otherwise overlook because they come naturally to you. Combining this report with the previous two will deepen your self-awareness and shed light on potential areas you may want to consider developing as your coaching niche.

Get Started With Certification

Building a coaching business can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be! There are many resources available for solopreneurs, coaching teams, and larger organizations to utilize as a guide. Choosing a certification pathway helps establish baseline knowledge on the history, theory, and applications of DISC behavioral analysis, while follow-on continuing education courses to supplement their knowledge and deepen understanding.

Diversify Your Options

Once you’ve discovered your potential coaching niche, preferred clientele, and started your coaching business, you may eventually decide to venture out of individual or group coaching and consulting and training. This does not negate or remove your coaching credential; it only enhances your business portfolio as a professional coach or consultant. Perhaps your interest moves toward sales, and you decide to sell DISC assessments or develop your own branded content through private labeling. This advantageous option is for any coach who wishes not only to add additional revenue sources but also to establish and distinguish yourself in the vast online marketplace.

Whatever your decision, PeopleKeys’ team of professionals will help you make the best choice to achieve your personal and professional goals.

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