Finding Clients for Your Coaching Business

If you have recently completed your Certified Behavioral Consultant course, congratulations on becoming DISC certified and starting your journey to help individuals reach their full potential! While your expertise is valuable, finding clients for your coaching business requires proactive efforts. In this article, we will explore some best practices to help you connect with potential clients who are specifically interested in coaches and consultants using PeopleKeys DISC.

  • Craft an Engaging Elevator Pitch: When you only have a brief moment to explain your services, having an effective elevator pitch becomes crucial. Tailor your pitch to resonate with the D style coach, who values directness and results, or the I style coach, who excels in communication. Focus on addressing a specific problem you can solve and how your services provide a solution. Practice and refine your pitch until it feels natural and compelling.

  • Utilize Exhibitions and Conferences: Allocate a portion of your budget to attend industry trade conferences or set up as a vendor. These events offer an excellent opportunity to expand your network of potential clients. Capitalize on the strengths of your coaching style: I style coaches can attract attention and engage attendees, while C style coaches can showcase their expertise and detailed coaching approach. Consider offering something valuable, such as a complimentary DISC assessment or 15-minute introduction call to potential high value clients. This approach allows you to follow up and demonstrate the value of your services.

  • Leverage the Chamber of Commerce: Joining your local chamber of commerce, even with a modest membership fee, can provide valuable connections with businesses in your area. This approach is particularly beneficial for S style coaches who prefer preparedness and familiarity. Engage with other business owners and present your services in a workshop offered through the chamber. Provide valuable information, introduce the DISC personality model, and offer discounts for follow-up work. This approach helps expand your network and potentially leads to referrals from chamber members.

  • Establish a Strong Online Presence: In today's digital age, it's essential to make a positive impression online. Invest in a professional website with a blog where you can share informative content with potential clients. Offering a glimpse of how you can assist them builds trust. Utilize resources like Hubspot's blog, which offers a wealth of free information on improving your website, email marketing, and social media presence. You can also share valuable content from reputable sources, including the PeopleKeys blog, giving your followers valuable insights. An online presence caters to all personality styles, allowing you to showcase your strengths authentically.

  • Harness the Power of LinkedIn: Among social networks, LinkedIn is particularly valuable for establishing your coaching business. Enhance your personal profile by linking it to your website, incorporating multimedia content, and sharing valuable industry-related articles. Additionally, create a dedicated LinkedIn page for your coaching business, making it easier for potential clients to find you. Leverage LinkedIn's vast network to connect with individuals who may be interested in your services, especially within your existing circle of connections. Highlight your DISC personality style and emphasize how you leverage behavioral knowledge to provide solutions.

  • Explore Additional Prospecting Tactics: While the strategies mentioned above are effective, there are several other tactics to consider. These include email marketing, direct mail marketing (which can still be VERY effective if you target the right individuals), asking for referrals, advertising (both print and digital), and cold calling. Eventually, personal interactions are essential for building trust and selling the value of your services. Remember, your network will play a crucial role in future opportunities to grow your coaching business.

Refreshing your coaching business and attracting clients requires proactive efforts across various channels. Craft an engaging elevator pitch, attend exhibitions and conferences, join your local chamber of commerce, establish a strong online presence, leverage LinkedIn, and explore additional prospecting tactics. By employing these strategies and tapping into your unique strengths as a DISC coach, you'll be on your way to finding clients who are eager to benefit from your expertise and guidance. Good luck!

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