How to Encourage and Motivate Learning With DISC

At times, it can be a real challenge for parents and educators to figure out how to motivate their students to grow and learn. By understanding your student's DISC personality style, you can know what motivates them and how to better connect with them. DISC assessments for learners, such as the PeopleKeys Scholastic Success Report which contains a DISC profile along with helpful advice for your child and special sections for parents and teachers, enables you to apply the DISC model to your young learners to help encourage and motivate them.

Here are some helpful tips for using DISC behavioral style principles in your classroom or homeschool environment:

High D Learners Love Challenges

The high D student is fast-paced, strong-willed, and decisive. In an educational setting, they are often goal-oriented, hardworking, and not easily discouraged. They also exude dominance and can challenge authority, are extremely competitive, and fiercely independent. Those who try to teach them may find this style doesn’t listen to instructions before diving in.

To motivate your high “D” personality type toward learning and growing:

  • Give them a challenge and make it fun.
  • Have them set a goal to reach for.
  • Let them be independent and flexible to figure things out on their own.
  • Recognize their achievements.
  • Allow them to make decisions.

High I Learners Thrive in Team Learning

The high I student is creative, very outgoing, and has high energy. In an educational setting, they are often described as a multi-tasker, a team player, and fast-paced. They also can be unfocused, easily distracted, and compulsive talkers. Those who teach them may think they don’t take tasks seriously enough, and often describe them as a "class clown."

To motivate your high I personality type toward learning and growing:

  • Permit them to alternate between varieties of tasks.
  • Allow them to get their energy out.
  • Let them entertain as part of their learning.
  • Keep the environment upbeat and friendly.
  • Make things hands-on and interactive.

High S Learners Acquire by Teaching

The high S student is observant, competent, and patient. They are often described as good at follow-through, respectful of authority, and easygoing in an educational setting. They also can be resistant to change, shut down when they become overwhelmed, and resent being forced. Those who try to teach them may find them apathetic if they are pushed too hard.

To motivate your high S personality type toward learning and growing:

  • Ask them to teach you or someone else. This will help them feel needed.
  • Make sure they are in an environment with others who are excited about learning.
  • Help them feel confident in their abilities.
  • Challenge them to grow, but do not force them.
  • Keep the environment consistent and supportive.

High C Learners Discover by Asking Questions

The high C student is detail-oriented, analytical, and logical. In an educational setting, they are often described as conscientious rule-followers who are precise and accurate. They can also procrastinate, be perfectionistic, and not take criticism well. Those who try to teach them may find them inflexible.

To motivate your high C personality type toward learning and growing:

  • Let them dig deep into their interests.
  • Praise their hard work.
  • Let them process things in their own time.
  • Make sure they know exactly what’s expected of them.
  • Allow them to create systems and organize.

Understanding these key personality traits and motivational factors can positively impact student education while establishing a love for learning and growing that will last a lifetime.

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