Hack Your Goals with DISC and End the Year on a High Note

At the end of the year, many people tend to summarize their achievements or renew their commitment to certain goals for the year. Whether you were planning to lose weight, start a fitness program, learn something new, or get organized, you can accomplish anything you want and here’s a little secret how: by understanding your own DISC personality style, you can make it easier on yourself and end the year on a high note. Here are some personality-based ways to motivate you for reaching those goals:

The Dominant Personality

The D Personality Style typically enjoys a challenge or a competition. Challenge yourself to reach a milestone, or better yet, challenge others to see who can do it first. This will keep you stay interested in the task at hand.

The D Personality Style often overlooks details, so be sure to take some time to not only look at the goal you’ve set but the actual steps it will take to get there. Break your goal down into smaller steps. This may seem like a waste of time to a High D, but it will be worth it. Just think, you can consider each one of those steps a win as you conquer them.

The Influential Personality Style

The I Personality Style typically enjoys working with others and collaborating, so find a group of people who would like to strive toward a similar goal and hold each other accountable. By being able to cheer others on and interact with them in the process, you will likely be motivated to reach your goal.

For the I Personality Style, you may be challenged to set realistic deadlines and establish priorities. By knowing this going into it, choose one or two goals and share them with a friend to be sure they are realistic instead of trying to reach 20 goals in a few months or having a lofty goal to lose 100 lbs. by the end of the year. Work to pace yourself and set daily and weekly priorities so as not to get overwhelmed.

The Steady Personality Style

The S Personality Style is often good at helping others, so find a friend that has a similar goal and work in concert with them to reach your goal. For instance, you may be inclined to give up exercising on your own because a family member needs something from you, but you will be less likely to give up exercising if you feel like your friend is counting on you to do it.

The S Personality Style often doesn’t like change, so changing habits to reach your goal can sometimes be tough. But if you make sure you set attainable goals and the exact procedures and steps to reach them, you can make changes incrementally.

The Compliant Personality Style

The C Personality Style is often drawn to systems and procedures, so if you devise a very organized system for reaching your goal, you will be more likely to see success.

The C Personality Style often has a tendency to get bogged down in procedures and lose sight of their overall goal, so be sure to think about your end goal daily so the small steps don’t get you down. This can be placing it on your mirror in the morning or repeating it to yourself as you go about your day.

Determine your personality type,  and find your own sweet spot for success!It’s never too late to start working toward your goals. So, determine your own personality type here, and find your own sweet spot for success. Hacking your own personality style can make reaching your goals easier and even a little more fun.

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