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Being in a cubicle, in front of a computer, and analyzing data all day at the workplace, believe it or not, is a career some would find enjoyable. People who perform these types of tasks do not perceive it to be monotonous but rather prefer a set workstation and routine, with the ability to gain insight into a company's success rate.

Then, there are other people who think that these type of job responsibilities are boring and not letting them shine. It is not a secret that many are in a job or career that they find less than ideal. Recent reports have indicated that when it comes to job satisfaction ,“ Sadly, only less than 50% of U.S. workers feel that they are in good jobs.”

If you see signs you're ready for a career change or find yourself at a standstill in your profession, what do you do?

Before hitting the job boards, take a DISC personality assessment to discover your unique DISC profile strengths and limitations. When you identify your strengths, personality traits, communication skills, and DISC style preferences through a DISC personality test, you can better understand what career path may be right for you in your job search.

Let’s explore some possible dream jobs for each DISC personality type:

“D” personality: The “D” profiles are natural-born leaders and do not mind stepping up to the plate when it comes to making decisions, especially making hard decisions. If you identify with “D” Dominance type traits such as being competitive, a risk-taker, and loves a challenge, then a career in the legal field, in law enforcement, or being an entrepreneur may be the perfect fit for you. All three provide opportunities for the “D” personality to take the initiative and solve problems. Dominant personalities crave to be the person who others run to for help. These careers are more likely to fulfill that passion.

“I” personality: Optimistic, cheerful, and loves to socialize. Does this describe your personality profile? If so, you fall into the “I” Influential category. "I" personality styles are the influencers amongst the DISC styles. They have an instinctual sense to make others feel comfortable, are motivational, and do not mind being the center of attention. Careers in sales, journalism, or in the educational and training field align well with the characteristics of an “I” personality type.

“S” personality: Individuals classified as “S” personality types are exceptionally caring. Others feel at ease with the “S” Steady personality, and this type of profile strives to keep the peace in a group. In times when people feel emotionally vulnerable, they run to the “S" styles. Career paths that would be suitable for an “S” profile would involve occupations in the medical field, counseling, or general administration (such as customer service). “S" types are also hard workers, so when this profile puts their mind to it, they can thrive in any industry.

“C” personality: “C” profiles are the analyzers of the DISC spectrum. They are the personalities who would love to be in a cubicle, in front of a computer, examining company numbers. “C” Conscientiousness type personalities add extreme value to a company because these profiles are very detail-oriented, have high standards, and aim to be perfectionists. “C” personality types would flourish as an accountant, a data analyst, or engineer. “C” styles are a vital part of a team and can provide any company the data they need to gain insight on how to succeed.

Whether you choose to change your current occupation or are looking to change your career entirely, PeopleKeys wants to be there to aid you in that journey.

Begin your journey on understanding which profession would best suit you  by taking our PeopleKeys Career Style DISC assessment to learn more.

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