If Every Primary DISC Style Went to Your High School

If Every Primary DISC Style Went to Your High School

Personality is a complex construct. Subtle nuances, differences in environments and upbringing, and changes in circumstances can all affect how a person’s personality manifests itself. Numerous factors impact personality and, because of this, most people’s personalities are a combination of different styles. Some people, however, have only one primary style. DISC theory states that every person has a little bit of every personality style within them. But imagine you went to Highschool with four people who epitomized their primary styles- if you went to school with the purest of Ds, Is, Ss, and Cs.


What might your yearbook’s Senior Superlatives section look like?


  1. Most likely to become President: D
  2. Most likely to become a millionaire: C
  3. Most likely to become famous: I
  4. Most likely to never be unemployed: S
  5. Most likely to be the next winner of The Voice: I
  6. Most likely to become a farmer: S
  7. Most likely to travel the world: I
  8. Most likely to be mayor of Normal: S
  9. Most likely to teach Sunday School: S
  10. Most likely to have the perfect family: S
  11. Most likely to win the Nobel Peace Prize: C
  12. Most likely to live in an efficient Tiny Home: C
  13. Most likely to be a starving artist: I
  14. Most likely to get married young: S
  15. Most likely to become a talk show host: I
  16. Most likely to take over the world: D
  17. Most likely to join a nunnery: S
  18. Most likely to work for the CIA: D
  19. Most likely to lose their cellphone: I
  20. Most likely to be found sleeping in the library: I
  21. Best School Spirit: S
  22. Most likely to be Captain of the Debate Team: D
  23. The one who always needs a ride: I
  24. Most Dependable: S
  25. Most changed: I
  26. Most likely to make the play that wins the game: D
  27. Most musically inclined: C
  28. Most creative: I
  29. Most dramatic: I
  30. Most sarcastic: S
  31. Most likely to be CEO of Apple: C
  32. Most likely to become a Racecar Driver: D
  33. Friendliest: I
  34. Most likely to move up the corporate ladder: D
  35. Most likely to create the next big thing: C
  36. Class clown: I
  37. Wittiest: I
  38. Most intellectual: C
  39. Cutest Couple: S and anyone
  40. Talks the least, says the most: C
  41. Talks the most, says the least: I
  42. Most likely to become a politician: D
  43. Most like to cure a disease: C
  44. Best shoulder to cry on: S
  45. Loudest: I
  46. Quietist: S
  47. Best Listener: S
  48. Most likely to be Valedictorian in College: C
  49. First to become a millionaire: D
  50. Renaissance Man or Woman: C

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