DISC March Madness Mania

DISC March Madness Mania

Today is one of the most unproductive days in business we will face this year, it is the beginning of March Madness. If you are checking scores or even watching the annual NCAA Basketball Championship you are just one of 12 million others who share your passion.

Take millions of viewers during work hours, multiply this by an hourly rate and this series of sports events cost corporations billions of dollars yearly. Yet, people will not stop watching this great tradition because all the DISC styles have an interest in this great competition.

D Style: I am a D style myself. Like me, you probably made your picks late, as you are very busy. Some quick research online helped you make your best picks because you love to win the office pool (or any in fact). As a “D”, you love watching the close, competitive games…it gets your adrenaline going! You might even decide to round up some friends to go play over the weekend because you love competition.

I Style: Weeks of parties and celebrations, social events scheduled around broadcasts…this is a ready-made recipe for fun! You love joining pools at work because it promotes social time. You probably are rooting for your favorite hometown team, even if they don’t have much chance of going all the way. Miracles do happen and you are cheering for your heart’s favorite.

S Style: You don’t mind a little March Madness, buts let’s not forget we need to follow up on things. You probably took some time to think about your picks and you joined your office pool because everyone else did. You enjoy the fact you can promote some family time and watch this event together. You may be cheering for the underdog team, as they have the best story of working hard and being a team, even if they aren’t all superstars.

C Style: If you are a C, you may or may not be reading this. You may be doing last minute checks of your picks, calculating odds, and you even know facts, such as no number 16 seeded team ever defeated a number one seed. However, 5.9% of the time the number 15 seed upsets the number 2 seed. You make the most thorough picks, but you also know the odds of a perfect bracket are even less than being hit by lightning twice in the same spot.

Which style are you most like? Leave us a comment below!

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Bradley Smith, Ph.D. is the Director of International Business Development at PeopleKeys, and works directly with our international distributors and business partners. Personality Style: D