Pumpkins by Personality

Pumpkins by Personality

One of our favorite traditions at Halloween is carving the jack-o-lanterns. As you go door-to-door this Halloween, can you guess a person’s DISC personality style from the Halloween pumpkins on their porch?

D-Style Personality:

Pumpkin-D“There. Done. What’s next?”

The D-style personality doesn’t have any time for carving, but they’ll find a way to get their pumpkin done quickly and creatively.







I-Style Personality: 


“Ha! Can’t wait until they see this!”

People with an "I" personality carve pumpkins with an eye for maximum impact and attention. Their pumpkins are conversation pieces, with lots of personality (They’re often really funny, too).





S-Style Personality: 


“Why mess with a classic?”

A person with an "S" personality loves to keep Halloween traditions alive by carving pumpkins that remind them of the ones they carved when they were young. Look for classic designs, simple lines, and charming faces like the triangle-eyed jack-o-lanterns of the past.




C-Style Personality:


“It’s all about the details.”

People with C-style personalities aren’t afraid to use a pattern, and are great at following directions. Their pumpkins are often elaborately carved, with incredible attention to detail. A C’s pumpkin will make you say, “Oooh… How’d they DO that??”



Silly… Scary… Unconventional… Intricate… No matter what your Halloween pumpkin-carving style is, enjoy the spooky festivities. Happy Halloween from PeopleKeys!

What kind of pumpkin will you be carving this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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