Survival Guide for DISC Personality Types in Quarantine

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 40% of adults in the United States experienced mental health issues and struggled with substance abuse. Suicide rates have also increased drastically.

Quarantine due to a global pandemic is a significant reason why people's mental health is suffering. Whether it is a lack of socialization or boredom, many people are at a loss of coping. Understanding DISC personalities and how they behave under stress can help you activate your internal stress management system.

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Here are some ways you can thrive in quarantine based on your DISC personality type:

"D" Personality Styles

Completing tasks and changing a routine are just two of the many actions that people with a "D" personality type will be likely to do. "D's" want to lead as well. To satisfy your dominant trait, initiate leading a book club and always alter between different interests to challenge yourself and stay free from boredom. Groups, where dominant personalities can thrive, can involve competing in virtual gaming or setting goals to train for a physical challenge.

"I" Personality Styles

It is vital that if you have an "I" personality that you take breaks from isolation. "I" personality types are outgoing and love to engage with people. Going on walks and speaking with friends over the phone can help ease your time in quarantine. Another option that can help "I" personality types stay optimistic and social is downloading social media apps to keep in touch with others.

"S" Personality Types

"S" personalities rely on predictability and stability. Implementing a daily routine can provide the structure they need to feel comfortable in quarantine. If an "S" is looking to expand on their routine, experts suggest doing so slowly so as not to overwhelm themselves. "S's" are worker bees; if a task needs to be completed, it will be. Goal setting or belonging to an online prayer group can help relieve stress for the "S" personality.

"C" Type Personalities

Being accurate and analytical are just a few of the many qualities that describe a "C" personality. Being in quarantine can be a place where people with "C" personalities can succeed. Participating in an online class involving mathematics or science can feed their analytical needs. Activities that "C" personalities can do to complete tasks around the house include organizing a closet, cooking dinner daily, or having a consistent workout routine.

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