John Schindell

John is PeopleKeys' lead trainer. He thrives on providing our customers with a personalized experience through videos, live training events and webinars. He is energized by speaking engagements and leading motivational yoga sessions at the office. Personality Style: I

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PeopleKeys and The Bair Foundation - Love is an Open Door

Where many companies have customers and clients, PeopleKeys prides itself on having partners. One of our closest, long-time partners is The Bair Foundation (Bair).

Find your Easter joy

My wife and I have been involved in our community Easter Egg hunt for several years. Despite the hard work that goes in to organizing an event this large, it’s all worth it when I get to see the delight on the faces of the children as they race around to fill their baskets

Business Coaching for Fun and Profit

If you are lucky enough to have the chance to turn your passion into a paycheck, then by all means you should do it! Business Coaching may be a good fit for you if you have a desire to share your depth of business knowledge and experience with others in an effort to help them


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