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Where many companies have customers and clients, PeopleKeys prides itself on having partners. One of our closest, long-time partners is The Bair Foundation (Bair).

The Bair Foundation is a faith-based foster and adoption agency. This non-profit ministry, which started in 1967 with one family in the hamlet of New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, has grown into one of the largest private foster care agencies in the United States today. Bair has expanded across nine states and serves over 3,500 children each year.

PeopleKeys continues to partner with and support the efforts of The Bair Foundation. We work directly with organization leaders to hire and retain staff who have a passion for serving and fulfilling Bair’s mission of developing strong children, families and communities. Additionally, PeopleKeys’ founder and CEO, Sanford G. Kulkin, Ph.D., is currently The Bair Foundation’s Board Chairman, and Bradley Smith, Ph.D., PeopleKeys co-founder and President, also serves on the board.

The amazing thing about working with The Bair Foundation is seeing the impact they have on the children and families they serve. One family, the Muirs, was recently featured in a “Valley Voices” article titled, “We Are Family.”

In the article, Sarah Muir stated, “These children have all lost something – a parent, a home, a school, their friends.” Sarah and Brent Muier have fostered more than twenty children. Their family of five (three biological children) has grown to nine with the adoption of four of their foster children.

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Although the road has been bumpy at times, “Sara’s greatest joy is seeing all of her family around the dinner table after church, laughing and happy.” Sarah ends the article by stating, “This is our new normal, and we are building new traditions together. It’s a wonderful time for us.”

For more information about becoming a foster parent you can visit or contact the local Bair office nearest you.

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