5 reasons to white-label your DISC reports

5 reasons to white-label your DISC reports

Can you imagine setting up your business and/or coaching practice and going from “zero to hero” overnight, with all the tools you need at your disposal? Having a full suite of professionally branded behavioral reports and complete solutions, integrated on a high-availability business platform, allows you to save implementation time and costs for your ongoing business, recruitment or coaching-related strategies. You wouldn’t need to secure a developer, nor would you be pressed to meet start-up deadlines. Your solutions are available the first day of purchase and you can begin providing services to your clients, immediately, thereafter. Do you need more reasons to use white-labeled DISC solutions? Here are some more:

1. Personalized experiences for your clients.

Unlike the integration of most third-party tools and software, PeopleKeys’ white-labeled behavioral and DISC reports make it all about you and your brand. It’s your name on the moniker and your audience receives a personalized experience through the services you offer. There’s a higher level of quality and prestige associated with a more catered experience. Your customers take notice and loyalty grows drastically over time.

2. Custom strategies with more promising outcomes.

When you choose to go with a white-label solution, PeopleKeys will work with you to make the most of your customized experience. You will be paired with a multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts and branding professionals, who will make sure your solution is branded according to your own vision, and developed with the additional tools to set you apart from your competition while advancing your practice over time. The support team will identify your immediate business-related needs, fill voids where those needs aren’t being fully met and close gaps with solutions not yet associated with your current business structure.

3. Increased demand and opportunity.

Having a full range of customized PeopleKeys products in your possession will enable you to provide clients with a more dynamic range of services than your competitors could ever dream of. With branded solutions, you are opening the doors to becoming an authority over that competition and the go-to source in your field or area of expertise. With demand comes opportunity, and more clients knocking at your door. Because your tools are already provided to you, you will spend less time working on manual solutions and more time on meaningful customer interactions.

4. Customize as much or as little as you need.

While customizing solutions is always an added bonus, the truth is you could technically start offering your services fresh out of the box. Customizing solutions is obviously a much better option when it comes to branding and meeting industry-specific needs, but it’s not always necessary. You may find that customizing more than just your dashboard and output reports isn’t a priority for the time being. The technical work has already been done for you so now, it’s time for you to live out your purpose. Go change lives…the people await.

5. Your brand, our solutions.

For over thirty years, PeopleKeys has been providing customized, white label DISC-based and other behavioral assessments and solutions to corporate businesses, organizations, agencies and institutions around the globe. Our solutions have helped clients resolve issues within their hiring, development and training processes, shaping better teams and improving internal communications. Our tools help our clients to quickly navigate the root of all problems, as we lead coaches to better identify the real issues at-hand.

By taking the “us” out of the equation, we are able to draw a more distinct correlation between the services our clients provide and the level of service their customers receive. We are able to provide our clients with more personalized experiences, while growing trust and loyalty in the services that you offer your most prestigious of clientele, championing your brand through the customization of solutions, assessments and targeted product offerings. We lay the groundwork to success and build a stronger foundation for tomorrow, providing you with a clearer path to implementation, no matter which industry you actually serve.

Have you thought about white label opportunities through your partnership with PeopleKeys? Take your business to new heights and provide your customers with more targeted strategies, no matter which industry you serve. Contact us today to request your free PeopleKeys Business Account and start growing your bottom line today!

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