Understanding Generation Z in the Workplace

In a recent survey, it was found that 3 out of 4 managers find it more challenging to work with Gen Z compared to other generations. Unfortunately, there is a perception among some that Gen Zers lack a good work ethic, drive, and resilience as their predecessors. However, it's important to recognize that every generation has its unique strengths and preferences.

To bridge the gap and create a harmonious work environment for Gen Z employees, utilizing DISC reports during the hiring process can prove immensely valuable. In addition to DISC, the PeopleKeys 4D report also helps to provide a comprehensive understanding of individuals in the workplace. Let's explore how this powerful combination can unlock the potential of Gen Z employees.

The Team Captain (Dominant/Directive)

Gen Z individuals with a dominant D personality style often possess natural leadership abilities. Their experience as team captains during their school years has honed their skills in taking charge. By analyzing their DISC personality style along with their thinking style, values, and behavioral attitudes using the 4D report, employers gain a holistic understanding of their leadership potential and preferred work styles. This comprehensive view enables leaders to provide them with responsibilities and challenges that match their ambition, while also ensuring they work well with slower-paced personalities, fostering collaboration and a balanced team dynamic.

The Social Butterfly (Influential/Interactive)

Gen Z individuals with an influential I personality style thrive on social acceptance and diversity in their job roles. By examining their DISC personality style and combining it with their thinking style, values, and behavioral attitudes through the 4D report, employers can better understand their need for social interaction and their creative potential. This knowledge empowers leaders to involve them in marketing projects, brainstorming meetings, and collaborative activities that leverage their excellent interpersonal skills. Recognizing their social media engagement preferences, occasional breaks to check platforms like Instagram can be incorporated, fostering a positive and social environment where they can quickly adapt and contribute.

The Cheerleader (Steady/Supportive)

Gen Z individuals with a steady S personality style value stability, routine, and a close-knit group of co-workers. By utilizing the 4D report, employers can foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among this group. Encouraging teamwork, idea sharing, and a friendly atmosphere aligns with their preferences. Incorporating aesthetically pleasing decor in the workspace can create a comfortable and home-like environment. The efforts to make them feel valued and secure are greatly appreciated and help them thrive.

The Precision Expert (Conscientious/Compliant)

Gen Z individuals with a conscientious C personality style have an eye for detail and prefer independent work. By combining their DISC personality style with their thinking style, values, and behavioral attitudes using the 4D report, employers gain a comprehensive understanding of their expertise and preferences. This insight allows leaders to provide them with organized and challenging tasks that align with their expertise. Unlike other Gen Z personalities, they may not be as interested in social media or popular trends. They serve as a grounding presence in the workplace, ensuring accuracy and precision.

Generation Z represents a bright future, and with the right leadership and personalized approach, they are destined to achieve great things. By utilizing DISC and, especially, the 4D report, employers gain a comprehensive and multi-dimensional view of Gen Z employees. This knowledge enables them to effectively understand, support, and unleash the full potential of Gen Z individuals in the workplace.


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