Thinking Matters!

When it comes to better grades, thinking matters. More accurately, the way you think matters, and can make the way you study more effective. The key is knowing the way you think. Freshmen students who took part in a study at Eastern University have shown an increase in GPA

3 Ways a Behavioral Life Coach Can Equip the Saints

What if your calling is to equip others for service? Every Pastor, Missionary, Evangelist, Nurse, Teacher, Engineer, Pilot, or Cook can point to someone in their past who helped and encouraged them to pursue their calling. PeopleKeys Certified Behavioral Life Coaches (CBLCs)

3 Important Takeaways from the Learning Styles Debate

Many educators and instructors have witnessed the rise and fall of Learning Style Theory since it emerged in 1970. Today, there are over 70 different learning style systems and surveys designed for professional development, as well as to help teachers make the most out of

6 Reasons Why StudentKeys Is the Perfect Tool for Your TRiO Program

The goal of the federal TRiO programs is to motivate underprivileged students toward the successful completion of college. For over 15 years, TRiO programs have been using StudentKeys' strength identification to prepare students to not only continue through college, but to

Why Social Integration Matters for Student Retention

Social integration is a critical piece to first-year college student's retention. Understanding soft skills helps students acclimate better to college social life, and helps colleges retain their students through to graduation.

Business Coaching for Fun and Profit

If you are lucky enough to have the chance to turn your passion into a paycheck, then by all means you should do it! Business Coaching may be a good fit for you if you have a desire to share your depth of business knowledge and experience with others in an effort to help them

4 Ways Educators Can Help Students Retain Hard Skills 

In every classroom, there may be those who struggle or need a little extra help. Though there are many reasons why students struggle, the goal of teachers, tutors and parents is unified; we want students to understand and learn the material. We are overjoyed when they get good

Compatibility is Not in the Stars - Reveal Compatibility Through DISC

Are you in a serious relationship or contemplating jumping into something with both feet?  Whether you are years into it or just testing the waters, have you ever wondered how compatible you are with your significant other? Or whether compatibility could be a learned skill? 

Five Common Myths about DISC - Debunked

Although DISC Personality Styles have been around and used in the workplace for years, there may still be misconceptions about this increasingly popular method for understanding and predicting behavioral tendencies. Over 50 million people have taken DISC tests in every

How often You Upgrade Your Mobile - According to Your DISC Personality Style

How long can you wait for the newest Smart Phone? Techies, Hipsters, Bloggers, and Nerds are not the only early adopters of the latest mobile gadgetry. Seems today everyone wants to be the first to sport the latest technology, but a lot of the timing also depends upon your

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