DISC Myths Debunked: Discrepancies in My Report

Normally, 98% of people who take a DISC assessment when reading their report will confirm: “This is so totally me!” However, there will be approximately 2% who will find some discrepancies and raise a question to their behavioral consultant or coach about these findings. There

DISC Myths Debunked: D=I

DISC theory has been widely used for decades and PeopleKeys, a leading provider of customized behavioral solutions, often receives inquiries from our thousands of certified behavioral consultants and partners about interesting observations within the DISC reports or DISC

PeopleKeys Distributor Partner Spotlight: DISC Factor BV

DISC Factor didn’t start in a garage like other large companies, but in a small attic room of a residential home -- with only enough room for a table, an office chair, a closet and a dream to help people enhance their relationships and communication using the DISC assessment.

5 reasons to white-label your DISC reports

Can you imagine setting up your business and/or coaching practice and going from “zero to hero” overnight, with all the tools you need at your disposal? Having a full suite of professionally branded behavioral reports and complete solutions, integrated on a high-availability

“Link Disabled” Issue with Invitation Links

You may have discovered a “Link Disabled” error message upon clicking on the hyperlink in an invitation email to take an assessment. First, we want to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. This issue stems from an upgrade to our email service provider in

Behavioral Understanding of Emotional Growth with DISC

We know emotional growth comes mostly with experience, and teenagers often may need some guidance to unlock their potential. High school students have educational and career choices they are positioned to make, yet little time to focus on emotional growth. DISC theory is a

When DISC alone is not enough

Why is DISC alone not enough? It's the same reason if you were going on a first date with someone and all you had was a picture of them. Yes, it can tell you a lot, but if you were to make a decision on whether you wanted to date that person soley on a snaphot of them,

Find your Easter joy

My wife and I have been involved in our community Easter Egg hunt for several years. Despite the hard work that goes in to organizing an event this large, it’s all worth it when I get to see the delight on the faces of the children as they race around to fill their baskets

DISC March Madness Mania

Today is one of the most unproductive days in business we will face this year, it is the beginning of March Madness. If you are checking scores or even watching the annual NCAA Basketball Championship you are just one of 12 million others who share your passion.

Why DISC is the best (and legal) choice for hiring

A large part of our business has been fueled by our unique and positive approach to finding the best in people and believing a key to success is learning how to unlock the positive traits of your people. As part of our ongoing series on “DISC Expertise,” we would like to share

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