Why DISC is the best (and legal) choice for hiring

A large part of our business has been fueled by our unique and positive approach to finding the best in people and believing a key to success is learning how to unlock the positive traits of your people. As part of our ongoing series on “DISC Expertise,” we would like to share

Using Technology for Smarter Hiring in Your Ministry

Recruiting and hiring in the corporate world is challenging enough, but hiring for ministry can be a formidable task with stakes increasing in senior pastoral positions. For those of you who’ve hired in both worlds, you know that church staffing is unlike any staffing out

The Problem with Myers-Briggs

Much has been written on the differences between DISC and Myers Briggs (MBTI). Both are methods for measuring personality and behavior, but is one better over the other? A recent article suggests that there is one major thing that distinguishes DISC from Myers-Briggs:


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