Reasons Why Everyone Needs a C

Reasons Why Everyone Needs a C

Are you a creative thinker whose desk looks like the aftermath of a one-day sale at the office supply store? Perhaps you even try to tidy up regularly, but entropy inevitably derails your best efforts.

Having a C in your life both at home and at work is beneficial for those of us who suffer from “shiny object syndrome” and constant distraction from doing the mundane task of keeping things organized. Many people who have a low C in their DISC need to draw this inspiration from their C friends and coworkers in order to avoid plummeting into chaos.

Emulate That Which You Admire

Have you ever asked to borrow an item from a C and felt awe as they reached into its storage space and pulled it out without a second thought about its location? The French culinary world has a term for this - mise en place. It means, “everything in its place” and is essential to a truly great chef.

You might not create new and ingenious ways to serve confit de canard, but this concept is integral in the successful and timely completion of any project, chore, or long-term goal.

By emulating the organizational skills of your C friends and coworkers, you can create a new habit, even if it defies your DISC and your past habitual patterns. Take a “fake it ’til you make it” attitude and schedule these organizational sessions into your day. Better yet, make it a habit to put everything where it goes immediately. Scan the document, respond to the email, or shred the completed and unimportant papers right away! This simple act will allow your creativity to expand because you will avoid the weight of unnecessary clutter.

“I Can’t Be Bothered with That!”

If you are a creative type or someone who draws fuel from inspiration rather than data, tasks such as filling out a simple expense spreadsheet or gathering expenditures for your accountant can feel like a punishment. After all, it is your job to create! You make the world a more poetic and beautiful place by providing the art and culture we desperately crave. You come up with the new, innovative ideas!

Unfortunately, the taxman will not take kindly to your excuse that you have creative exemption from spreadsheets. They have penalties for that.

Make organizational tools work for you. Use simple, reliable methods to record necessary information. After saving your recent entries, keep your documents on your desktop (or Smartphone app), making them more easily accessible. You are more likely to use them if you don’t have to go searching. Maybe your C friend or coworker can help you design something that covers the basics without fostering confusion, boredom, or frustration. Keep it simple!

Ask the Experts for Help

If you still struggle with the day-to-day task of organization, ask your C buddy for help. You might be the type of person who has the best innovative ideas for your team or who inspires and energizes others, but your C friend is the one who will help you implement, measure, and deliver results. Ask them for tips and tricks to stay on task, manage your time more effectively, and ultimately create more space to explore your creativity.

What does your DISC profile say about your personality? 

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