Using DISC to Build Strong and Successful Ministry Teams

People are the key to a successful church or ministry team The PeopleKeys DISC assessment has proven to be a useful tool for any organization that relies on people for its success.  Many successfully businesses and ministries have found ways to use DISC and a greater

The People of PeopleKeys: Tiffany Cole

Personality Style at Home/Socially: CS

The People of PeopleKeys: John Schindell

I’ve been speaking for most of my life, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve started getting paid for it. My first professional speaking gigs were small (The Airport Announcement Guy, Sham-Wow Demonstrator at the Fair, Professional Weight Guesser, etc.). However, through a

The People of PeopleKeys: Dr. Bradley Smith

Personality Style at home/socially: ID

The People of PeopleKeys: Teresa Spurk

Personality Style at Home/ Socially: S

The People of PeopleKeys: Coleen Kulkin

Personality Style at home/socially: SIC

The People of PeopleKeys: Ashley Kulkin

Personality Style at home/socially: IS Personality Style at work: SDI

The People of PeopleKeys: Kaitlyn Miller

Personality Style at home/socially = CDS (Contemplator)

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