Using DISC to Build Strong and Successful Ministry Teams

Using DISC to Build Strong and Successful Ministry Teams

People are the key to a successful church or ministry team

The PeopleKeys DISC assessment has proven to be a useful tool for any organization that relies on people for its success.  Many successfully businesses and ministries have found ways to use DISC and a greater understanding of an individual’s God-given abilities to enact positive change and growth. DISC can be used to increase productivity, strengthen communication, build strong teams, and capitalize on the strengths of staff, volunteers, and employees.

Does your church or ministry rely on people for success? Most churches or ministries are only as strong as their congregation, volunteers, and staff. PeopleKeys understands this, and offers DISC solutions specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of Christian organizations. Here are a few examples:

1. DISC Reports from a Biblical Perspective

The Biblical DISC Report provides insight into an individual’s personality, behavior, strengths, and weaknesses, all from a Christian perspective. When thoughtfully administered and interpreted, this DISC reporting tool can be used to dramatically improve communication with congregation, staff, and volunteers.

2. The Spiritual Gifts Inventory

The Spiritual Gifts Inventory report reveals an individual’s unique talents and gifts. It is geared towards allowing ministries to recognize and utilize the natural potential of staff and volunteers, thus improving the volunteer experience and increasing productivity.

3. DISC + Benchmarks for church positions

Utilize the DISC Hiring Report to fill church positions, place staff accordingly to stimulate positive growth and create a harmonious team. Interview questions are pre-populated based upon the behavioral analysis results of the individual. Add an occupational benchmark to measure against provided model employee data in that role.

4. Certified Behavioral Life Coach Training

This certification training course explores ways of using DISC theories of human behavior to provide Christian life coaching services. Learn how to provide guidance and support to ensure that members of your church or ministry can fulfill their mission and use their human resources wisely.

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