Expanding Your Team's Potential with a Group Dynamics Report

Making hiring decisions for your business can be challenging. Bringing a new team member on board involves assessing their skills, experience, integrity, and past performance. However, there is a unique tool at your disposal that can help determine how well a potential hire fits within your existing team: the PeopleKeys Group Dynamics Report. By having each team member take a personality assessment, you can gain valuable insights to enhance communication, motivation, and overall understanding of their stress points. With the Group Dynamics Report, you can consolidate and analyze these results, providing a comprehensive view of how your team collaborates and functions together.

Assessing Your Current Team Dynamics

The Group Dynamics Report enables you to examine the behavioral strengths and characteristics of your team as a whole. It combines each team member's personality style to create a visual graph that illustrates the percentage of team members in each style. This information assures you that each individual is placed in a role where they can excel. For example, ensuring a high S personality is responsible for managing long-term relationships, a high D personality sets goals, a high I personality handles sales, and a high C personality oversees quality control. Additionally, the report identifies any overall deficiencies within your team, which can inform your hiring decisions and help you identify areas that need improvement.

Leveraging Natural Team Strengths

The Group Dynamics Report also includes a dynamics goal chart, which depicts your team's projected ability to achieve specific goals based on the combined personality styles. This chart measures the team's proficiency in various dynamics, such as collaborating, creating, detailing, directing, persisting, and processing. If your team is rated low or very low in an area crucial to their tasks, you can take this into account when making hiring decisions.

Filling the Gaps through Strategic Hiring

By utilizing a team-combined personality report, you gain immediate insight into the skills and traits your team may lack. This information helps you identify the missing elements your team needs to thrive, such as:

  • A high D personality with decision-making, leadership, or goal-setting skills
  • A high I personality with creative thinking, brainstorming skills, or the ability to motivate others
  • A high S personality with follow-through skills and the ability to create consensus
  • A high C personality to improve accuracy and help the team stay focused

It is common practice to ask candidates to take a personality assessment, and you can use the results to determine whether they possess the qualities that align with the missing elements your team requires.

Enhancing Team Efficiency

Furthermore, incorporating a dominant personality style can contribute to achieving specific goals for your team. For example, if you aim to cultivate a more competitive group that thrives under pressure, adding a high D personality can be beneficial. To develop a flexible and dynamic team, consider adding a high I personality. If you strive to build a more conscientious team that excels in follow-through, introducing a high S personality may be the answer. Finally, if your goal is to establish a detail-oriented and organized team, adding a high C personality will be a great starting point.

By leveraging the insights provided by the PeopleKeys Group Dynamics Report, you can enhance your team's potential, make informed hiring decisions, and foster a more cohesive and efficient work environment.

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