How Each DISC Shows They Have a Crush on You

How Each DISC Shows They Have a Crush on You

In every social setting, we constantly send and receive signals. Since we often insert our own interpretations on these interactions, we may not always see clearly what is right before us!

If you have someone in your life that you suspect may have feelings for you, but you do not know for sure, use these guidelines to determine is it a crush or just coincidence.

When someone with an "I" personality style has a crush on you, it may be hard to tell if you are imaging all of the attention because they give it to everyone! Just when you think an "I" might be your next love interest, they flit off to spread their sparkle throughout the room.

If they respond to phone calls and texts quickly, you might have elevated status in their eyes; especially if you regularly make it into their busy social calendars or receive invites to special events.

Are you wondering about a particular "C" personality style in your life? If a "C" has a crush on you, they will likely ask you questions about yourself, building up their database of knowledge about their new favorite subject – you! They may also give thoughtful gifts that are reminiscent of something you told them you liked, possibly even months ago!

When a "D" personality style falls for you, you are in luck! "D"  styles tend to go after what they want and keeping their crush a secret will not last for long. They may ask you out regularly and be up front with their feelings. You may also find a "D" trying to impress you with their physical or mental prowess.

Being the object of interest for an "S" personality type may provide an additional challenge. Look for signs such as light touches to the arm, long hugs, or invitations into their inner circle. A request to join in a family dinner or outing with their closest friends is a sure sign an "S" wants you to play a bigger role.

Are you looking to let someone know your true feelings? Speaking to them in their DISC language will help them “get it” and let them know that you have something a little more romantic in mind!

If you're wondering about compatibility with your love interest, read our blog post Revealing Compatibility Through DISC.

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