DISC Beyond the Workplace

DISC Beyond the Workplace

create a family visionDISC in the corporate and entrepreneurial world is an easy match, as companies recognize the power of knowing who they are and who is on their team. However, I’ve found we’re missing a huge piece when we keep DISC only in business.

Business is easy. We can justify investments like buying personality assessments because we see the instant benefit it has for hiring, leadership, team building, etc. We see the advantages and don’t hesitate on an investment for the long-term result of a company that is connected with a unified vision while everyone thrives in their strengths.

What if we took this same mindset and brought it back to our homes? Each and every one of us has some element of family. Be it blood related or completely by choice, there are people in our lives we rely on - those ones who live under the same roof as us and/or the ones we call when we need a listening ear.

That Beautiful Family

attitudeIf you’re anything like I am, no matter how hard you try, these people you call “family” don’t always see eye to eye on everything. It’s part of the beautiful blend of personality styles - we see the world through different lenses. As a marriage and family coach, I’ve used the DISC personality assessments as the foundation for all of my coaching. It’s not just a corporate leadership tool; it’s an amazing “cheat sheet” into how the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us.

Imagine if you were as intentional with your family as you are with your business. Imagine if you created not just a business vision, but a family vision as well. Many times we dive into family, never fully identifying what it will look like. As children are added to the mix you have these tiny little curve-balls that throw a wrench in any plans, so it’s easy to simply switch to reaction mode, becoming a victim of circumstance to whatever is thrown your way next. Think about the impact it would have on your family if you were proactive in creating the family you love to come home to.

It’s Picture Time!

Family Portrait

Think of a family portrait. What do you strive for to get that perfect family picture? Everyone wearing complimentary clothes, looking at the camera, smiling with their heads tilted at just the right angle, and my goodness, no kids with fingers in their noses!

When I present the DISC profiles in my Mama Says Namaste business, I call them “snapshots” for a reason. It’s a simple analogy that gives you a better understanding of how DISC can really benefit a family. It’s a quick “picture” of someone that goes deeper than the surface. It’s recognizing you in your best light; highlighting your strengths so you truly thrive.

And when I dig deep with a family, we do a “Portrait Session”, taking a hard look at all the features that make each person who they are. We look at the DISC graphs and learn what each person’s strengths are, as well as what triggers those reactive behaviors so we have a clearer understanding of not just the symptom, but the root of why we react in certain ways.

What This Means For You

Family Snapshots eBook Front CoverPay attention to what is going on in your home. Are you feeling connected, or are you simply roommates? Are you pulling your hair out with a child who has shut down, is hyperactive, or is lost in perfectionism?

Remember, personality assessments are more than simply a business tool. They are a snapshot that goes deeper than the surface – an insight into self-awareness, and an opportunity to create intentional connection with the ones you love most. There is beauty in every personality style, and the more we recognize our strengths, the more we understand how we all blend together where each individual can thrive.

If you’re interested in learning more about a Family Portrait Session, click here and connect with Ashley.

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Ashley guides parents through identifying their strengths - and also their triggers - to live with intention and not simply reaction to the chaos of an ever-growing family. Personality Style: D/I