Non-Verbal Gestures to Use When Interacting With Prospective Clients

Before the dawn of time, humans have been using more than just words to communicate. Before words, there was body language. The way you smile, make eye contact, or react are prominent human behavior indicators of how a person feels.

Studies have shown that “over 55% of all messages come from non-verbal cues like posture and gesture." Non-verbal cues can help business leaders and salespeople understand how to speak to a customer, so they may feel more apt to buy or use their services.

Nonverbal cues that can help sales professionals determine if they are on the right track with a customer are:

Facial Expressions

One of the fundamentals of behavioral selling is having an inviting presence with a new client. Some salespeople have such high energy and seem eager to greet customers; they might come off as intimidating or disingenuous. Understanding behavioral tendencies of your sales style can help ground you when a new prospect comes your way. When greeting a first-time client, it is essential to remain positive and friendly. The key is to not over-do it.

Eye Contact

Eye contact can be intimidating for many people, especially if there is too much of it. On the other hand, if there is too little of it, one can seem uninterested or inattentive during the sales process. When speaking with a customer, a behavioral style technique you can try is balancing the amount of eye contact you hold with a client. A suggestion for salespeople is to spend an equal amount of time looking at paperwork, products, and the clients themselves.


One of the most common mistakes a salesperson often makes is slouching or putting their hands in their pockets. Some of these gestures might indicate that a person may lack confidence in themselves and the product. Whether you are sitting or standing, be sure to roll your shoulders back to protrude your chest out, stand straight, and keep your head held high.

Hand Movements

Fidgeting while speaking to the client can be distracting to the customer and be unprofessional. Playing with a pen or with a piece of paper or looking at your watch can also show disinterest. Hand gestures are an opportunity for a salesperson to flex their presentation skills. As a greeting, begin with a firm handshake, and later on, when speaking, make sure to point to important facts that a customer should keep in mind. In the end, you can open both hands to invite open-ended questions or feedback.


Personal space, for most, is very intimate. The universal rule is that a person must be an arm’s length away to honor someone’s personal space. When in sales, the art of sealing the deal involves gaining trust to enter that personal space. It is natural for anyone to feel threatened, repulsed, even aggressive if someone enters their space. Keep an arm's length of distance away from a client. As the professional relationship progresses, schedule a meeting in an office with another team member to understand the client’s needs further. The customer will appreciate that you did not come off too strong and you took the time to build rapport.

PeopleKeys understands that reading and navigating what clients need is not an easy task. That’s why we offer various reports, tools, and training to assist you with implementing successful behavioral selling strategies and techniques. Based on DISC behavioral principles, our Selling with Personality training course will provide you with the communication and selling skills you need when dealing with prospective buyers. Begin your path on creating stronger relationships with clients and potentially increasing sales by contacting us today.

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