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Which Shakespearean Play Fits Your Personality?

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 marked the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. Thought to have passed away on his 52nd birthday, the prolific and prodigious author of 38 plays and over 150 sonnets’ influence remains as tangible as ever. Many of us have fond (or

Which Holiday Song Best Reflects Your Personality Style?

Christmas is almost here! You can feel the excitement in the air. While you’re finishing the last-minute holiday preparations, why not listen to a little music to get in the spirit? We’ve collected a list of the holiday songs that reflect each of the DISC personality styles.

"Dear Sandwich Thief" -- How to Deal with a Sandwich Thief and Other Office Dilemmas

We’ve all been there. You put your food in the communal office fridge, but when you go back to retrieve it at lunchtime it’s missing. Gone Girl-ed. Vanished. You paw through the contents of the fridge, certain that someone must have just moved it. But, no such luck. After a

Pumpkins by Personality

One of our favorite traditions at Halloween is carving the jack-o-lanterns. As you go door-to-door this Halloween, can you guess a person’s DISC personality style from the Halloween pumpkins on their porch?

The 3 Ways to Improve Your Sales Technique: STOP. LOOK. LISTEN.

Every customer is a unique lock, and you need the right key to open the door. Does your customer need information? To feel self-directed? To feel supported?  When customer satisfaction is your top priority, whatever your customer is looking for is what you should try to

A Predictive Presidential Model Based on the Personality Styles of Each Candidate

With over a dozen Republican candidates vying for their party’s nomination, and a half-dozen Democratic candidates in the mix, the 2016 election is shaping up to be a very complex race. With a little over a year left until the election, the big question on everyone’s mind is:

How to Choose a Meeting Leader Based on DISC Personality Style

Meetings, while necessary, are often not as productive as they should be. Ideally, participants should leave a meeting feeling energized and clear on their path forward. Sometimes, though, meetings seem overly-long, unfocused, and meandering. Check out this pre-recorded

How to Fix A Bad Day

Having a Bad Day? Bounce Back Using Strategies Based on Your Personality Style Sometimes, it feels like you’ve got it all under control. Other times, it’s like you just can’t catch a break. Whether it’s a work project gone awry, a looming deadline, a jam-packed schedule, or

Not Supermom? Don’t Sweat It.

This Mother’s Day, The Most Important Personality Trait is Acceptance   

What’s the Best Way to Reward Top Talent?

Employee Incentives Work Best When Based on Personality A little extra money is always nice. But for many people, a raise isn’t necessarily the perk they’re longing for. When you understand the personality of your employees, you can do a much better job of finding the right

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