4 Benefits of Predictive Hiring with DISC

Hiring new employees is often a challenging task for managers, even for those who excel in their roles. Personal biases and individual weaknesses can often hinder the process, resulting in mismatches between candidates and the team or business. So, what can a hiring manager do to overcome these challenges? One effective approach is leveraging the power of DISC, and specifically, PeopleKeys' patented technology for predictive hiring.

By incorporating an easy to take DISC assessment into your hiring process, you can enjoy several benefits that make the process easier, faster, and more accurate. Let's explore four key advantages:

Streamline the initial screening

Resumes provide limited insights into a person's suitability for a role, typically focusing on skills, education, and work experience. While these factors are important, they fail to reveal crucial attributes that employers may seek in potential employees. By administering the DISC personality assessment to each applicant through a quick email link, you can gain valuable information beyond what a resume offers. Since the DISC assessment doesn't have right or wrong answers, candidates can complete it online at their convenience. This approach saves you hours of sifting through resumes and conducting numerous interviews.

The combination of DISC results and performance benchmarks allows you to identify candidates who possess the key strengths necessary for the job, such as taking deadlines seriously, displaying ambition and drive, showing initiative, or exhibiting empathy. Even if candidates aren't a perfect fit for the current position, their DISC assessment results can be retained and applied to future positions that better align with their personality styles.

Simplify the interview process

Rather than rehashing candidates' resumes or asking generic questions about themselves during interviews, the DISC personality report equips you with specific information to guide your interview questions. By focusing on the key strengths and areas of improvement highlighted in the report, you can delve deeper into candidates' suitability for the role. For example, if you're interviewing a high D candidate for a customer service position, you can inquire about their empathy and drive to assess their potential for assisting others effectively.

Identify personality types that complement your existing team

DISC, along with other behavioral assessments, provides crucial insights into a candidate's personality style, behavioral tendencies, thinking style, ideal team roles, workplace values, learning style, cognitive style, and motivational style. Since DISC measures natural behavior and personality tendencies, it offers valuable predictions about how individuals are likely to act and react in various situations. While hard skills can be taught, personality traits are harder to change. Integrating DISC assessments into the hiring process enables you to gauge how candidates will interact with others and approach projects, helping you make informed decisions when evaluating applicants.

To maximize the benefits of pre-hire assessments like DISC, consider administering them to your existing employees. This step allows you to understand the personality strengths of your current team members and identify areas where your team could benefit from additional support. For instance, if your team consists primarily of high D personalities, hiring an S personality could provide a balancing effect. Likewise, if your team is predominantly composed of high I personalities, bringing in a C personality could complement their strengths.

Reduce employee turnover by making the right hires from the start

Incorporating predictive hiring techniques, such as DISC assessments, helps you identify and hire candidates whose natural tendencies align perfectly with the role and your team. This strategic approach leads to overall happier, more motivated, and productive employees who are more likely to stay with your company for an extended period. It is estimated that replacing a new hire can cost between 25% and 250% of their annual salary. Therefore, investing in a simple online test that can help minimize employee turnover is undoubtedly worthwhile.

Are you prepared to enhance your hiring process, make smarter choices, and retain top talent? By embracing predictive hiring with DISC assessments, you can transform your recruitment strategy and build a stronger, more successful team.

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