How often You Upgrade Your Mobile - According to Your DISC Personality Style

How often You Upgrade Your Mobile - According to Your DISC Personality

How long can you wait for the newest Smart Phone?

Techies, Hipsters, Bloggers, and Nerds are not the only early adopters of the latest mobile gadgetry. Seems today everyone wants to be the first to sport the latest technology, but a lot of the timing also depends upon your DISC Personality Style as well as other factors like the following.

It’s interesting that iPhone users are more likely to upgrade their cell phone to a newer edition than Android users.  According to 51% of iPhone owners want to upgrade to a new iPhone as soon as their provider allows it.  Usually, the time period is determined by the carrier’s contract of two years.  This is compared to 47% who want to wait until their existing iPhone becomes obsolete. Compare that with 40% of Android users who would want to exchange their old handset for a new one every two years while 58% would want to wait until their existing model stops working.  But how much of the “timing” aspect of cell phone upgrading is due to your DISC Personality Style. Let’s take a look at how each DISC style approaches adopting new mobile technology.

D- Dominant—Immediately

You love to be first in everything. First to the office and first to the cell phone store. You need to be in constant communication to lead your team and you can’t let an old cell phone drag you down. Your colleagues can expect you to take the lead in showing them the ropes with new features and challenging others to keep up with you or be left in your dust.  You have the newest Apple or Android device hits the market on order so that it arrives the day it's released.  You are already using the features in your business and that’s how you stay ahead of the curve because you are not afraid of new things, change or progress.

I- Influential—One month after newest release

You may not be the first in line but you’re not far behind. By the time it takes your phone to be old news it will be in the garbage.  Once you hear all the D personalities talk about the new camera, new and quicker social media enhancements and charging features that don’t require cords and things that you forget, you want that new device to make you look good.  Like the D Style, you aren’t afraid of change and can be quite spontaneous once someone shows you how it advances their lifestyle.  You won’t be outdone, so you quickly get on board and it becomes your new conversation piece.

S- Stable—Once their contract allows the upgrade

Although you love your cell phone and love your ability to communicate just like D and I personalities, you won’t be advance ordering your phone or hastily running out to the store to impress your friends. You are tragically practical and will be waiting for the price to drop and your contract to end. You have already determined months in advance what you will do with your old phone.  Most likely you will set the old phone aside for a young member of the family as you would want to help others.  You wait patiently for the time to pass and know it will be worth enduring slow data when you’re not paying hundreds of dollars or being impulsive and regretting your hasty purchase.

C- Conscientious —Depends on the circumstances

Conscientious styles can be a little tricky when it comes to early adoption.  No doubt, you know exactly what features are enhanced in the new version, but unlike the D and the I style, the reasons you adopt early are not for ego and or show, you, like the S style, seek a practical solution to help you be the expert, stay informed and stay productive. Like the D, you want to accomplish tasks, but not just by getting them done, you need excellence and quality.  If that means getting the latest phone quickly, then you will do it.  But after weighing the pros and cons of the purchase, if you don’t feel you are receiving the best deal, you will wait until the perfect time to maximize your effectiveness and task orientation.  C Styles are full of surprises and can adopt early and impress everyone with their knowledge of the latest technological advancements.

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