How to Fix A Bad Day

How to Fix A Bad Day

Having a Bad Day? Bounce Back Using Strategies Based on Your Personality Style

Sometimes, it feels like you’ve got it all under control. Other times, it’s like you just can’t catch a break. Whether it’s a work project gone awry, a looming deadline, a jam-packed schedule, or just a series of everyday disasters, some days are just plain awful.

There’s good news, though. No matter what’s causing your bad day, you can use DISC strategies based on your personality style to hit the reset button and bounce back better than ever.


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DISC Personality Style D: Take on a new challenge

People with personality style D are doers. They like to take charge, get immediate results, and hate being bound by rules and restrictions. If you’re a D, part of what might be causing your bad day is feeling unappreciated for your hard work, under too many constraints, or frustrated by a lack of progress.  So, why not change the game entirely? Stop what you’re doing and take up a new project. Make sure it’s something that you can easily finish, so you can have the satisfaction of feeling the sense of completeness and forward momentum that you love. If that doesn’t work, try doing something physical. Hit the gym. D personalities love challenges, and the sense of accomplishment you get from a good workout might be just the thing to erase the ill-effects of the bad day you’ve been having.

DISC Personality Style I: Have a good laugh

People with an I personality are fun, outgoing, and social. They are energized by being around other people, and exude natural charisma. If you’re an I, part of what might be causing your bad day is that you’re disconnected from the fun, social part of your personality that needs nurturing.  Have you been cooped up in the office all day? Get out! At the end of a bad day, you might be tempted to crawl home and sink under the covers, but a night out with friends would be much more energizing. If that’s not possible, or if you just need a more immediate pick-me-up, try taking a break to have coffee with a friend that makes you laugh. In a pinch, you could always listen to your favorite comedy podcast or fire up some viral videos. You need a laugh, stat.

DISC Personality Style S: Phone a Friend

People with an S personality are loyal, empathetic, and patient. They are the kind of people that you naturally turn to in a crisis, and who always make time for a friend in need. If you’re an S, though, the down side to your easygoing personality is that you sometimes take on more than you can handle. You also tend to feel anxious in the face of change, preferring to keep things around you stable and consistent. Either of these traits could be the catalyst that leads to bad day. If you’re feeling stressed out by changes to your routine or overtaxed by responsibilities, you can be pushed to the breaking point. As a remedy, reach out to someone you care about for support. Everyone has someone in their life that is their rock, their go-to person. Chances are, you’re thinking of a name right now. When you’re having a bad day, give that person a call. They’ll help you talk through your problems and remind you that even in the face of a really awful day, you have people you can rely on. The comfort that comes from knowing you have a solid support system in place is a sure-fire cure for your bad day.

DISC Personality Style C: Make a Plan

People with a C personality are logical, organized, and conscientious. They are careful researchers that gather all the information possible before making decisions, and have very high standards. If you’re a C, you are perfectly comfortable in your own company, and prefer working on tasks by yourself. When you have a bad day, it’s often the result of being asked to make decisions too quickly, being faced with the possibility of missing an important deadline, or being stressed by too many people distracting you from what needs to be accomplished. Ideally, the best way for a C to recharge is to take a time to get away, spend some time alone, read a good book, and enjoy their own company for awhile. Your methodical nature, though, also means that you’re the kind of person that likes to make a plan. You love to-do lists, and making detailed plans for your day. If escape and separation isn’t an option, take some time to sit down and make a list of what’s bothering you, along with a plan of action for how to get past whatever is bothering you. The act of making a plan and forming a list will make you feel in control of the situation, and give you the focus you need to move past a bad day and focus on a better tomorrow.

What do you do if you don’t know your DISC personality style? No worries. Take our free DISC test to find out your personality style and learn more about the important connections between behavior and personality.

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