Interpreting Differences in DISC Graphs

An essential coaching skill is the ability to "read" the people you work with. There is no magic in this skill, but a scientific theory called DISC and developed by Dr. William Marston. The DISC Personality Profile provides coaches with in-depth information about their

DISC Myths Debunked: D=I

DISC theory has been widely used for decades and PeopleKeys, a leading provider of customized behavioral solutions, often receives inquiries from our thousands of certified behavioral consultants and partners about interesting observations within the DISC reports or DISC

Some Opposites Just Attract

There could not be a couple more opposite in personality styles than Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. People thought it might be a publicity stunt at first, but it seems the two opposites are really attracted to one another. Shelton himself is quoted as saying, “We could not

Most Favorite Expressions of DISC Styles

The other day we were talking about misheard song lyrics and somehow it lead to a conversation on expressions, both wrong and right, we often hear people say. You know what I am talking about, things like:

Using your Spiritual Gifts for Others During the Holidays and Beyond

It seems everyone I know right now is caught up in the momentum centered around giving gifts. Just after retiring the Thanksgiving leftovers to the fridge, folks abruptly turn their activities to a gift-buying frenzy, kicked off with Black-Friday door busters. Since gifting is

Creating an Attitude of Gratitude

This time of year, people will take time out of their busy schedules to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday and count their blessings. They create cozy settings full of abundant food, friendship and family. They travel great distances to be with loved ones, cook for days, and

Why Two-Graph DISC Superiority is a Total Myth

I am a person who likes to take action and fight for the underdog, protecting those being taken advantage of. I hate dishonesty and people who are disingenuous. I felt compelled to right a wrong by writing about whether 2-graph DISC is better than 3-graph (see examples below).

Where Communication Takes Place

This graphical illustration about “where communication takes place” comes from 25 years of observing and testing behavioral and communication tendencies. It really struck me one day when two people I know very well were having a pretty intense argument, in fact talking about


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