People of PeopleKeys: Carrie Greenaway

Personality at Home: My relational side definitely comes out more.  I still have a very close relationship with my parents and I like spending time with my nieces.  I definitely have a core group of friends, but I try to make time to hang out with everyone (even my co-workers)

People of PeopleKeys: Shanna Bennell

Personality Style at Home/Socially: Socially, I am an I. I adore meeting new people and insist on including everyone in  a conversation when I am at a party.  At home, I am sort of an IC. I am still social and love entertaining, but I have to have everything in the house clean

People of PeopleKeys: Jessica Skillman

Personality Style at Home/Socially: SC

People of PeopleKeys: Holly Jordan

Personality Style at Home/Socially: I --- I am always told that I am cartoon-ish because of having animated  facial expressions and gestures.  I cannot stand when I think someone is upset with me or doesn't like me, it drives me crazy and I can't focus on anything else.

People of PeopleKeys: Colleen Sturgeon

Personality Style at Home/Socially: Free Spirit

People of PeopleKeys: Jim Myers

OK, so this isn’t actually a photo of James. He is a bit camera shy

People of PeopleKeys: Tom Metzinger

Personality Style at Home/Socially: CS

People of PeopleKeys: Brandi Smith

People of PeopleKeys: Joshua Levoff

Introducing: Joshua Levoff Personality at home: Definitely an "I" with a sprinkle of "S". With my 2 kiddos and wife!

The People of PeopleKeys: Tiffany Cole

Personality Style at Home/Socially: CS

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