The DISC Leadership Style of Martin Luther King, Jr.

I never had the privilege of meeting or hearing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in my lifetime for I was a small child when his untimely death happened. I did, however, have a History teacher in High School who loved teaching his class about pivotal times in American history (even

"Flexing" Your Leadership Style

One of the things we love about Leadership gurus Ken Blanchard and Paul Hersey is that they popularized the belief that anyone can lead, you just have to hone your “style-flexing” skills.

6 Common Traits of Top Business Leaders

There are a number of traits that help define an effective business leader. If you are familiar with DISC theory, you might think there would be certain natural DISC leadership styles, but that is not necessarily the case. The key to being a good leader is being self-aware so

Management Styles in the Workplace. What Style are You?

What are Management Styles? There are different Management Styles just as there are different Personality Styles, but they are not mutually exclusive. DISC Personality Theory has been widely accepted as the basis for understanding observable behavior since the 1940’s when

Navigating Gender Stereotypes in Leadership, Part One: Women in Leadership

We live in an increasingly complex world. Globalization, technology, economic shifts and changing markets have created a need for an adaptive workforce. Maintaining a clear vision for the future is essential, because in this quickly shifting environment if we do not see what


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