Interpreting Differences in DISC Graphs

An essential coaching skill is the ability to "read" the people you work with. There is no magic in this skill, but a scientific theory called DISC and developed by Dr. William Marston. The DISC Personality Profile provides coaches with in-depth information about their

Behavioral Understanding of Emotional Growth with DISC

We know emotional growth comes mostly with experience, and teenagers often may need some guidance to unlock their potential. High school students have educational and career choices they are positioned to make, yet little time to focus on emotional growth. DISC theory is a

CBC Alumni Gathering in Hong Kong

Peoplekey’s partner in Hong Kong, Distinctions Asia, held an alumni gathering for Certified Behavioral Consultants (CBC) on Feb 1, 2019 in Hong Kong. This training event is an annual tradition attended by CBC alumni (graduates). The main focal point of the agenda was


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