Selling to Intimidating People- C Level Executive Selling and the Art of Applied DISC: Part One

Dr. Bradley Smith of PeopleKeys shares advice from his years of experience working with and selling to C level executives. C level executives can be intimidating. C stands for Chief, and these people are the company’s decision makers; it’s movers and shakers. They’re the ones

Tips for Dealing with a Dominant Boss

There are advantages to having different personality types in positions of authority. Each personality style brings specific assets to leadership, and every style has the potential to make an excellent boss. The I style personalities make for bosses who are capable of

Mirroring Others' DISC Types To Build Trust

If you use DISC in your business or personal life, you already know the benefits it can provide when it comes to communicating in a way others will receive more effectively. What about taking the concept one step further and extending your knowledge to include body language

People Analytics and the Talent Recruitment Processes of the Future

A recent Washington Post article addressed the effect of people analytics on hiring practices. According to the Post, 4500 companies have created a position for acquiring top talent using such systems for assessment since 2010.  Many of these assessments provide hiring

6 ways to benefit from your Dominant personality as a Manager

You might be a Dominant style boss if you: Enjoy being in a position of authority because it allows you to guide outcomes toward your goals Excel at making quick executive decisions Are active rather than passive Desire change and progress Try to always keep the bottom line in

Reasons Why Everyone Needs a C

Are you a creative thinker whose desk looks like the aftermath of a one-day sale at the office supply store? Perhaps you even try to tidy up regularly, but entropy inevitably derails your best efforts.

Using Personality Styles to Inform your Marketing and Sales

As a team, you want to be able to tell what personality type your client or customer has. If you can figure out the personality type of your customer or client, you can target your marketing efforts for maximum efficacy. There are a number of verbal cues or physical behaviors

Personality on Display: How to Pinpoint a Coworker’s Personality Style from Looking at Their Desk

When you know a coworker’s personality type, it becomes much easier to interact with them. Being able to tell the difference between a D, I, S, or C personality type can help you navigate all kinds of tricky office dynamics. Working together on a project, meeting collaborative

How to Choose a Meeting Leader Based on DISC Personality Style

Meetings, while necessary, are often not as productive as they should be. Ideally, participants should leave a meeting feeling energized and clear on their path forward. Sometimes, though, meetings seem overly-long, unfocused, and meandering. Check out this pre-recorded

What’s the Best Way to Reward Top Talent?

Employee Incentives Work Best When Based on Personality A little extra money is always nice. But for many people, a raise isn’t necessarily the perk they’re longing for. When you understand the personality of your employees, you can do a much better job of finding the right

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