The People of PeopleKeys: Coleen Kulkin

By Tiffany Myers Cole on July 23, 2013 at 7:39:14 AM EDT

Coleen Kulkin

Personality Style at home/socially: SIC

Personality Style at work: SCI
Title: Director of Product Development
What I do at PeopleKeys: For many years I have worked to create products to bring to market.  This involves market research, product research, curriculum development, assessment development, graphic design, validation studies and product testing.  Traditionally, our products were published as paper and pencil profiles or correspondence courses, but that has changed with the Internet.  Recently, I’ve been working to manage the conversion of all paper products to be delivered online from the PeopeKeys delivery system or courses to be delivered online via our LMS.  Plus, we are creating new applications for DISC all the time, which requires new online reports, new products and new online courses.  I am also responsible for managing product inventory and Intellectual Property (IP).  Managing IP requires registering and making sure copyrights, trademarks, patents, content, domain names, and translations are current, correct and we are legally protected.  We at PeopleKeys wear many hats.  So I also help dispatch customer requests and often work with customers to find solutions in customer service and sales.
How does my personality fit my position: At work, I tend to rely a lot on my C.  However, my C competes with my ADD (which isn’t a DISC Style!) yet I find it hard sometimes to concentrate on one task at a time and I find myself multitasking quite a bit.  I really enjoy digging into a new application for DISC and developing, rewriting, updating, or perfecting a new profile or report.  But lately, I have been polishing my S and I dimensions in sales and customer service as this is key to our company’s future and success.  Also,  internally working with staff and partners to develop better applications for the future.  I am grateful that our entire office works as a team, with complimentary styles, so we often share projects and support one another in product development and customer service.
What personality style do I admire and why?
C-styles probably.  It’s taken me awhile to fully appreciate C-style personalities.  Often they are given a bad wrap, are dismissed, or under-appreciated because they tend to be in the background.   But C-styles can be extremely creative AND get the job done.  I find they are independent, loyal, hardworking, and disciplined.  But what I find ironic: they can be the best conversationalists too!  I also have to plug S styles because they are a pleasure to work with and I can’t imagine a world without them.
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