The People of PeopleKeys: Kaitlyn Miller

By Tiffany Myers Cole on June 1, 2013 7:17:44 AM EDT

Kaitlyn MillerPersonality Style at home/socially = CDS (Contemplator)

Personality Style at work = CDS (Contemplator)

Title = Marketing Manager
What I do at PeopleKeys = Day to day, I manage our social media, marketing campaigns, website marketing, and projects that come up.
How does my personality fit my position = With the mix of C, D, S, I am very efficient and like to get things done. I love my to do list, but can move quickly and make decisions. This is really important when I oversee so many different channels, and have deadlines that cannot be missed.
What personality style do I admire and why?
Personally, I admire the I personality – especially in social settings. I am too busy analyzing what someone said, and what it might mean to stand back and just have a good time. Whenever we are hanging out, I have a hard time turning off the other part of my brain – so I find tasks that I need to add to my to do list… right now! I really enjoying being around “I” personalities, and after a while they rubbed off on me, or at least, I’d like to think so.
What is your personality style?
What's your personality style? Find out now.

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