People of PeopleKeys: Joshua Levoff

By Tiffany Myers Cole on September 25, 2014 10:35:59 AM EDT

Introducing: Joshua Levoff

Joshua Levoff

Personality at home: Definitely an "I" with a sprinkle of "S". With my 2 kiddos and wife!

Personality at work: At work I tend to drop a little "I" and add some "C"! Information is key to being able to do my job. I need to ask a lot of questions to get to the bottom of what our clients need!

Title: Business Development Behavioral Specialist

What do you do at PeopleKeys:  My main job is to reach out to new businesses and organizations to help them with the use of our products. I also help those organizations to increase sales. I contact existing customers to advise them of our new products and services that we are launching. I am a friend to all of them!

What style to you admire most?: I think I admire the "DI" style most. I lack some of the "D" style so its hard for me to create the tasks and then push and get the tasks done! I plan on developing my "DC" side to become a more polished individual!

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