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By Shanna Bennell on April 20, 2016 9:04:10 AM EDT

Personality Style at Home/Socially: Socially, I am an I. I adore meeting new people and insist on including everyone in  a conversation when I am at a party.  At home, I am sort of an IC. I am still social and love entertaining, but I have to have everything in the house clean and put away, or I will feel uncomfortable. When I am cooking, I have to pre-measure ingredients and put them into their own little bowls before I begin. It’s pretty silly, actually.


Personality style at work: At work, I am an ISC. I am still very people-oriented at work, and tend  to be a kind of Polyanna (my optimism is endless). But I am prone to being a little bit of a perfectionist, and I enjoy having clear-cut expectations and working in a team-oriented environment.


What I do at PeopleKeys: I am new to the Marketing team and have had the great pleasure of getting to write about people’s personalities! This has been one of my favorite hobbies since my teen years, so it is dream come true. I have also been working on editing products and will eventually begin work on product and content development.


How Does My Personality Fit My Position: This position is a perfect fit for my ISC personality. My conscientious/semi-perfectionist C side is satiated by my ability to edit  and attempt to improve content. My I side is gratified by getting to engage in the creative endeavor of writing about people. I feel very fortunate.


What Personality Style Do I Admire and Why? I admire individuals with high D and C style personalities. I think that a behaviorally aware D has a magical ability to be results driven and decisive in a way that can yield change and harness productivity in a meaningful way. I appreciate a high C’s dedication to creating products that are of the highest caliber, and I appreciate their peerless ability to polish and perfect their work.

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