People of PeopleKeys: Holly Jordan

By Kaitlyn Miller on February 1, 2016 8:11:34 AM EST

Personality Style at Home/Socially: I --- I am always told that I am cartoon-ish because of having animated  facial expressions and gestures.  I cannot stand when I think someone is upset with me or doesn't like me, it drives me crazy and I can't focus on anything else.

Personality Style at Work: More of a CIS--  I am very careful how I answer things and have a tendency to have many rough drafts and a ton of notes everywhere.  I like to motivate others and do whatever I can to make it a friendly atmosphere.  I seem to always be the one that people confide in, and come to for support and questions.  One thing is for sure though is that I want to make sure that the job gets done.

What I Do At PeopleKeys:Customer Service/ Account Manager, Shipping, Online Support amidst many other things.  

How Does My Personality Fit My Position? I am outgoing and talkative, however I can take on different roles and morph into what I need to be to get things done.  I have the tendency to be overcritical, and analyze everything, but on the other hand I am a team player and incredibly easy going.

What Personality Style Do I Admire and Why? I admire the D.  I think that D style has it more together than I do.  I would like to be more assertive and organized.  I would like to get rid of all my sticky notes and junk drawers, but that just isn't me.

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