People of PeopleKeys: Colleen Sturgeon

By Kaitlyn Miller on January 27, 2016 5:34:30 AM EST

Personality Style at Home/Socially: Free Spirit

Personality Style at Work: IS (Advisor) Also, I’m often told I’m very thorough.

What I Do At PeopleKeys: I started as an Intern in 2014 and was hired January 2016 as a full-time Account Manager. I helped with various projects and internal testing at first. Now, I am starting to work more with specific accounts and customer service.

How Does My Personality Fit My Position? My S was definitely more prominent when I was an intern because I completed any small projects and tasks that needed my help. I really liked helping in any way I could, and being part of a team. As I’m transitioning over to a new position, I find my “I” is more noticeable as I interact more with customers, and am able to share my ideas on different products and possibilities. I have also been a waitress for the past five years, and I feel my IS style really fits in that position as well. I get to work for a team, while being outgoing and influential on my own.

What Personality Style Do I Admire and Why? I admire each and every style. I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, so I enjoy learning and observing each style and their contribution to not only the workplace, but also to society. The DISC system fascinates me, I enjoy discovering someone’s style, along with learning what they are not. Sometimes finding that an individual is a low C, or low S, etc. gives me more insight.

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