Most Favorite Expressions of DISC Styles

Most Favorite Expressions of DISC Styles

The other day we were talking about misheard song lyrics and somehow it lead to a conversation on expressions, both wrong and right, we often hear people say. You know what I am talking about, things like:

“You’ve got another think coming!” No, it is actually you got another THING coming!

“Escape Goat.” Actually, it is a SCAPEGOAT.

“Taken for Granite.” No, it is TAKEN for GRANTED!

I have my own favorites, mostly those which have come from kids. My mother once said to her granddaughter, after baking her cookies, “Well it is the least I can do for you.” Maggie, the 7 year old girl, thought about it for a moment and then asked, “Grandma, what is the MOST you could do for me?”

My own sister once heard that rebel guerrillas had kidnapped a group of hostages and asked for a million dollars ransom. Only being eight at the time, she asked me, “What would a bunch of monkeys do with a million dollars?”

All that being said, there are a lot of expressions I hear often, and while some are universal some are more or less by DISC style. Let us know some of your favorite “style” sayings as we share ours with you.

D Style:– Just do it! (Meaning do what I told you without asking me why)

My way or the highway!

I Style: – Let’s party!

Who cares what time it is?!

S Style: – Can’t everyone just get along?

I wish someone would say something to that person (usually referring to a D).

C Style: –Let’s do it right!

They (or their mistakes) are driving me crazy!

What's your favorite expression? Share in the comments below!

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