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Conscientious Personalities May Live a Longer Life, Experts Say

What is the secret to a long life? Eat less bacon. Exercise every day. Don’t smoke. Stay out of the sun. Drink in moderation. All of those choices certainly matter when it comes to living a long and healthy life. But, research also suggests that there is one factor that is

No Office is Immune to Personality Clashes. How Will You React When Conflict Happens?

Consulting Psychologists Press (CPP) commissioned a study on conflict in the workplace. They surveyed 5,000 workers with the hopes of better understanding the degree to which clashes between employees affected the workplace. Here’s what they found:

The People of PeopleKeys: John Schindell

I’ve been speaking for most of my life, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve started getting paid for it. My first professional speaking gigs were small (The Airport Announcement Guy, Sham-Wow Demonstrator at the Fair, Professional Weight Guesser, etc.). However, through a

The People of PeopleKeys: Dr. Bradley Smith

Personality Style at home/socially: ID

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